The Provincial Government of B.C asks Canada’s Federal Government to decriminalize personal possession of up to 4.5 grams of illicit drugs, including heroin and fentanyl – November 2, 2021,

Because I live in the province of Ontario, we’ve also engaged in some of the silly government policies that I believe began in Britsh Columbia, I remember in Toronto hearing about a government service that gave illicit drug users a safe space and saying to myself this sounds inhumane, I believe in Toronto this is called Services Provided by The Works which is A Harm Reduction Program for People Who Use Drugs. I remember hearing about this and saying to myself this is the opposite of what I would do because now you’re incentivizing people to be drug abusers.

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Anyway, I’ve known B.C which has a very Progressive NDP government to be further along in the process, I remember some years back watching something on CBC about real estate investors being upset that government drug dealers had set up shop near their home where they raise their family or have a business. The government’s response to this was basically tough luck, deal with it.

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I’ve even heard Progressives make the argument for reforming terrorists at the expense of law-abiding citizens. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of criminalizing drugs, but I’m against the government FINANCING drug use. Meaning that if you’re on drugs and break the law the same way an alcoholic might break the law and then blame their drug use, you need to go to jail, I believe in equal rights under the law. But for myself, my equal rights under the law would also apply to GOVERNMENT and their use of taxpayer dollars to finance the mental destruction of drug abusers.

These government clinics have only accelerated the use of illicit drugs, in fact, the way many of these government-supported centers are structured, drug abusers have an incentive to move to certain urban areas, which also attract dope dealers. Because you have to remember that these government centers often become the last place drug abusers turn to when they can’t pay their dope dealer.

These centers don’t stop these illicit drug users from committing crimes, in fact, the opposite happens, crimes spike, but now the illicit drug abuser has a safe space. This is cruel to both the illicit drug abuser and the community at large. A lot of people in big Canadians cities get used to seeing drug dealers and drug abusers. I’ve never been a fan of major cities subsidizing people who can’t afford to live there.

Regarding legalizing illicit drugs for personal use, I’m for it, but the individual who decides to be on these illicit drugs has to live with the consequences of their own actions. This is one of those things that I chalk up to universal laws, if you opt to engage in illicit drug use, there are consequences to this, doing these drugs can harm you and potentially your future generations.

There have always been PRIVATE charities attempting to address these drug abuse issues, but as we know the goal of many of these private charities is often to get public funding, why? Because fixing another human being who does not want to be fixed is an almost impossible task. So these drug abused people often begin the guinea pigs of these “charitable” people.

If you listen to most drug-abused people, what the government now offers is along the lines of what the drug-abused people wanted all along. It’s not like these progressives came up with these ideas all by themselves, this is what drug abused people wanted a safe space to do drugs when they can no longer pay the drug dealer.

Anyway, to make a long story short, because the prior government drug programs have clearly failed, why not double down? Especially now that Provinces are going to war with health care workers and there are staffing shortages, I’d say this strategic move by the lobbyists who want to decriminalize illicit drugs was a wise POLITICAL move at the right time.

Again for myself, I’m against the government subsidizing drug abusers, but I’m not against decriminalizing illicit drug use. There’s a demand for illicit drugs, being that I’m pro-free market I’d destroy this market by driving prices down and you do this keeping the barrier to entry low and treating people who break the law as CRIMINALS! As a society, you don’t reward any drug abuser with government welfare(I include these government clinics as welfare), if you have a deep-rooted personal desire to help people on drugs, you do so in the private sector, via donations, drug abusers need to understand society has limited resources.

We send these drug-abused people mixed messages by indebted society to appease their drug addiction, we need to treat these drug abusers like they’re humans with a problem. We shouldn’t be masking their problems and hiding their reality from them. You’re a drug abuser, you’re destroying your life, you need help if you’re not ready to be helped that’s fine but society is not going finance your destruction.

These private charities or individuals who go out of their way to help these drug abusers should be commended for the work they do, but taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to finance them. Because now what we have our special interest groups who are lobbying the government to experiment on people, this is inhumane. It’s now reached the point that they want to not only subsidize drug abuse but also decriminalize it. Do you see how dumb this is?

The government made illicit drugs taboo by criminalizing them, the government also created a market, where one otherwise wouldn’t exist, these drugs are cheap trash and most people don’t like cheap crap, people are incentivized to consume cheap crap when it’s made taboo by the government. Not everyone drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes, why? Because it’s not taboo and most smart people know nothing good can come of smoking cigarettes or drinking liquor.

The same rules apply to any drugs, sure some people will try these illicit drugs and get hooked on them, but we prevent the education of these drugs by making them illegal and taboo. What’s happening to society at large is a shame.

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