The Strategic Unpopular Canadian Politician Who Just Keeps Winning: Will Justin Trudeau Call a Snap Election To Free Himself From Jagmeet Singhs Control in 2023 – December 02, 2022,



Justin Trudeau, for me, is the Pothead Prime Minister; oddly enough, Justin won an election when SHRUNK a certain portion of the federal government. People tend to forget why Trudeau won a majority in 2015, he secured the POTHEAD vote, and fortunately for Justin, the Canadian economy was doing pretty well, which, unfortunately, gave most Canadian voters the IMPRESSION that the good ECONOMIC times were here to stay.

If Economics is not a topic that concerns you, Conservatives will often give you the impression that finances and economics are simple and any bonehead can handle the economy. I remind anyone reading this that Justin Trudeau in 2015 is very much the same Justin Trudeau in 2022; it’s important to note that Justin Trudeau is indeed a POPULIST.

People tend to forget how robust SOCIAL ENGINEERING really is; in 2022, the term populism is attached to the FAR RIGHT and politicians like Donald Trump or Jair Bolsonaro, but populism is what the word sounds like, “POPULAR” o popular politics, unless, ofcourse you believe that the folks at CNN are liars?

Fareed’s Take: Justin Trudeau’s win | CNN
Fareed gives his take on what Trudeau’s election as Canadian prime minister means about populism and elections around the world.Source: CNN

In the video above, you’ll notice the narrative being championed. That Justin Trudeau was a moderate Left Wing politician, which is partially true, but what’s more true is that Trudeau was a POPULIST; it’s just that his populism differed from EVERY OTHER POPULIST; Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump also had two very different forms of POPULISM, what they didn’t do that Trudeau did was LEGALIZE POT and even with Pot legalization on the ballot for 2015, Justin Trudeau still only managed to get 39.47%(2015), which means Trudeau was NEVER more popular than Stephen Harper, which says a lot being that the “Trudeau” name is a big deal in Canada.

As an example, when Justin Trudeau promised to legalize Pot, he won a MAJORITY; a lot of pot-smoking Canadians didn’t care about the economy; they wanted to smoke pot; Trudeau hasn’t won a majority since 2015; Trudeau lost the popular vote to 2 very weak Conservative Candidates TWICE 32.62%(2021), 33.12%(2019), 39.47%(2015). Stephen Harper never lost the POPULAR vote as Prime minister.  39.62%(2011), 37.65%(2008), 36.27%(2006).


Below is the Trudeau popularity tracker by Angus Reid; if the data does not show up below, you can click the link provided or search for “Trudeau popularity in Google”.

Approve/Disapprove of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau |

If Justin Trudeau has a SNAP election in 2023, what many are imagining is that Justin Trudeau might be able to HALLOW out the NDP and Bloc Québécois vote. You’ll notice I left out the Conservative voters because the ship has long sailed; Trudeau will likely get little to no Conservatives moving to the Liberal side of the aisle, which means that Trudeau is hoping to CONSOLIDATE Democratic Socialists to join the Liberals.

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I’ve heard some conspiracy theorists claim to beware of voter fraud coming to Canada., I’m not in a position to comment on that; I do think there’s a voter fraud problem in the United States that is being created by SOME elements in the Democrat Party, which in my opinion, is SHAMEFUL, it’s now December 2, 2022, and the Arizona mid-term election still hasn’t been called, simply because the Democrats have intentionally complicated the voting process to their benefit which makes counting ballots far more complicated than it needs to be.

In Canada, nobody questions the legitimacy of Justin Trudeau’s wins; Trudeau has been the beneficiary of a Federal Conservative Party in transition, Erin O’Toole was the perfect example of Justin Trudeau taking advantage of a very unpopular, unknown candidate, love him or hate him, Trudeau was SMART for calling the previous snap election, that oddly enough showed the world how UNPOPULAR Trudeau was in Canada.

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In 2021, election, which many thought Trudeau should have won a MAJORITY, Trudeau struggled only to get 32.62% of the vote; during the reign of Stephen Harper, his lowest point until losing to the pothead prime minister was 36.27%(2006). When Harper LOST the 2015 election, he received 31.91% of the total votes, this was after a decade-long run in which Canadians understandably got tired of seeing him. Trudeau won the 2021 election with a similar vote count; Harper exited politics with.

Never did I believe the narrative that Trudeau winning anything had anything to do with economics, similar to Joe Biden in the United States, who did very well in the mid-terms Left-wing supporters tend to want FREE STUFF and other things that conform to their ideology, the difference between Left and Right wingers is adjusting to the new normal.

Conservatives tend to be economically and financially educated, and therefore, even during a BAD ECONOMY; it’s easier for them to adjust by CUTTING their PERSONAL SPENDING Left Wingers on the flip side, similar to the political leaders they prop up have ZERO interest in cutting spending, and so will often DOUBLE down on wanting the government to SPEND more.

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This is something Justin Trudeau clearly understands and plays into VERY well; every other week, I hear Justin Trudeau making an announcement promising to spend more tax dollars on some sort of welfare spending; people like me, know that government spending equates to more tax dollars being used to service debt prior spending that DID NOT stimulate any growth, but for people on some sort of government welfare in Canada, government spending makes Trudeau seem like a HERO.

I often write about austerity measures and why it takes DECADES for them to be implemented; it’s because most DEBTORS are usually waiting to hit the JACKPOT; debtors are often a lot like GAMBLERS, with the climate change, green crowd, they all feel like they’re almost there, and some new replacement for oil and gas will come to the market as long as they keep hope alive.

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Justin Trudeau does a good job channeling into “greater good” thinking; most Left-wingers, noticing Trudeau’s many flaws, will still imagine a GREATER GOOD on the horizon. Opposition Party leader Pierre Poilievre will likely get at least 35% of the total votes in Canada; now, I have to add that because of how elections are won in Canada, Trudeau could lose the popular vote BIG time and still win the 2023 election.

Trudeau lost the popular vote in the last two elections, but he’s still prime minister because he’s very TARGETED with his approach to politics; the problem with the typical NDP voter is that the NDP exists because a lot of Leftists GENUINELY do not like the Liberal Party of Canada. The Liberals are imagined as a CORPORATIST political Party by folks on the socialist left, and Trudeau hasn’t exactly been the prime minister to raise taxes on the rich, to give to the poor.

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Trudeau has, however, created a carbon tax, which is mostly being paid for by the POOR and middle class, so I don’t know how that translates to more NDP votes going to the Liberals, but for the time being, we have to give Trudeau the benefit of the doubt? Personally, I’d like Trudeau to hallow out the NDP. In Ontario, the benefit of former LIBERAL Premier Kathleen Wynne was that she did such a horrible job as Premier that Doug Ford won the 2022 election in LANDSLIDE; the Left-winger voters in Ontario were terrified of their own candidates, so they didn’t come out to vote.

The left winger parties in Ontario THREATENED the nest eggs of their own voters, and therefore, they REFUSED to show up to the polls in Ontario. Everyone knows Conservatives re better with the economy; it’s just for Leftists who like to imagine Conservatives as mean-spirited.

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Even in far=left Venezuela, it should be noted that ELECTION FRAUD is often cited as the main reason that country ended up a SHITHOLE. Smart voters usually will not vote for their own demise; obviously, Trudeau has some LOYAL supporters; and I also think there is the possibility that Trudeau and his donors can make Pierre Poilievre look like some sort of radical.

I don’t know who will win in 2023; what I do know is that, to date, strategically, Justin Trudeau has found a way to survive politically, which means if an election is called in 2023, you can’t count him out.

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Interesting times ahead