The Stupidity at all levels of Government continues: City of Toronto, Canada fires 461 employees for failing to comply with COVID-19 vaccine policy by January 2, deadline – January 6, 2022,

I’d like to start off by saying, I’m not a fan of unionized public servants, and this entire stunt by the City of Toronto, allows people like me to imagine that we really can shrink big government if the right politician can stomach the backlash. So as you’re reading this understand that I’m not exactly a supporter of all of these unnecessary public servants.

A lot of public servants should be fired, a lot of public services should be done by the private sector, part of the reason the cost of living is so high in Toronto is that residents of Toronto not only have to pay for the public servants who are currently working, we also have to pay for the public servants who exercise their right NOT to work.

You can throw in pensions, inflated wages, and all the other perks I don’t know about that a public servant in Toronto enjoys that a private-sector worker can only dream of getting. So again, I’m not exactly a fan of ALL these public sector workers, I don’t mind paying for police, but even the police force could shrink if Canadians were allowed to protect themselves from criminal thugs, which exists primarily because self-defense isn’t taught in public schools, which is beyond stupid if you ask me.

Those of us who pay property taxes pay for public education which should be there to not only prepare children for the real world, but open children’s minds up to how to the FREEDOM and Liberty to stop criminal elements from flourishing at a younger age, but as we know, the biggest criminal enterprise BIG government seeks to keep society docile, so it can charge citizens taxes citizens otherwise would reject outright because if we were more united, to stop criminality from an early age, do you really think ANY criminality could flourish? Unlikely!

Brainwashed children will protest for climate change because the government and media brainwashes them into believing the planet will be destroyed if taxes aren’t raised to fight climate change? Imagine what would happen if children were taught about how to stop criminality from flourishing? So again I’m no fan of big government but the reasoning for firing public servants for not taking the jab in 2022, in my book should open the city up to lawsuits.

But I must point out that in most instances, idiot humans like majority rule, so minority rights are often suppressed. The only time people care about minority rights is when a topic is popular. Unpopular minority groups who aren’t breaking any laws are often demonized, this is the perfect example of minority groups being unfairly targeted.

If I’m, to be honest, I rarely if ever encounter a public servant throughout the day, even when I see them, there’s little to no reason for me to approach them, from what I understand a lot of these public servants aren’t even around the public that often. Meaning that these firings are mostly a political statement. With that said there are a lot of brain-dead LAW-ABIDING Torontonians who don’t imagine that they one day might find themselves on the government’s bad side.

I defend people even when I don’t agree with them, what the mayor of Toronto John Tory did was wrong and immoral, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the people fired quite possibly were hard workers whose services will be missed. a reminder to Canadians, who love them some big government, one day Gestapo will come knocking at your or offsprings door too! Reject Big Governemnt!

City of Toronto fires 461 employees for failing to comply with COVID-19 vaccine policy by deadline |

Interesting times ahead!