The Stupidity continues: Unnecessary Big Government Regulations Equate to 20K healthcare workers off the job from COVID-19 in Quebec as hospitalizations reach record levels – January 6, 2022,

First and foremost there’s nothing perfect about Business people or the private sector, but equally the government continues to prove it’s more inefficient with allocating resources than had they simply taken a hands-off approach. Let’s first establish something, in Sweden, the government didn’t do lockdowns, so let’s stop blaming the Covid-19.

It’s been the government’s response to the pandemic that’s been the problem and the sooner people come to grips with this, the faster Canadians can enjoy their freedom of speech. You have to remember that a huge part of the problem regarding the government’s handling of the pandemic has been the blackout of dissenting voices.

“Shut up, and follower orders from your benevolent government” has been the governing style lately, and let’s call it for what it is because Government is able to send people money for doing absolutely nothing, a lot of people enjoy the idea of Big government. All well and dandy, but if only the Government would allow those of us who disagree with them to live our own lives?

No, the government can’t do that, because an unvaccinated person is a threat to a vaccinated person? Do you see what I did there? Historically if vaccines worked, it would be the unvaccinated who would be fearful of the vaccinated. When someone gets their flu shot, they do so because if they encounter someone with the flu, they’d be better protected?

But because dissenting views have been banned, common sense has been replaced with political correctness and political correctness obviously leads to political regulations on the economy. a Dictator or authoritarian is ALWAYS right, and their minion followers will agree with everything they say. Historically this leads to economic ruin, but maybe, just maybe things will be different this time.

Anyway, to the surprise of nobody Quebec has a serious labor shortage problem and because Canadians love them some big government, the leaders in Quebec imagine that more government regulations and welfare will fix the problem? Well wishes to the government of Quebec!


Quebec says 20K health-care workers off job from COVID-19 as hospitalizations reach record levels |

Interesting times ahead!