The Stupidity of Western Democracies: During a time of great abundance, Western Nations wait on OPEC price-fixing – October 31, 2021,

When I was younger, I didn’t understand why some older people I knew didn’t like how Western Democracy was structured, when you’re young, you imagine DEMOCRACY as the greatest POLITICAL creation ever devised, but the older people I knew thought democracy was best left in the market place. They’d often tell me that the municipal governments should be bigger than the Provincial/State and Federal governments, because the further away the government is from you, the easy it is for them to be tyrannical. It’s not until I got older that understood what they meant.


When people or special interest groups have a central power source they can use to enrich themselves, they’ll spend their time and energy focusing on the central power, now as we know, the Prussian education system makes it easier to brainwash the young into thinking in a manner the power structure wants them to think. So if let’s say your children who attend public schools and consume mainstream and social media narratives that claim the earth will end if we don’t pay carbon taxes or give money to special interest groups, most brainwashed people will go along with the scam, because after all why would the government, media, and their school teachers lie to them?

Once enough suckers accept a permanent tax on carbon as their accepted reality indefinitely, the authoritarian countries, who often finance this disinformation, enjoy a power they wouldn’t have enjoyed in a free market. Now, for people who are sold on corporate climate change being an ideal in which money must be redistributed to special interest groups in order to prevent the planet from ending, they’ll convince themselves that this is just how things are.

I’ve always and will continue to be a supporter of secession, especially if a Federal government oversteps its boundaries, the problem with secession is that most people put their faith in big government, they don’t imagine that civilization could achieve their current standard of living without their government and in the end, this is why most people do not threaten secession when their government strips them of their right to spend their money in the manner they like.

Secession typically grows when economies become stagnant, and people start to recognize incompetence in their government. Secession also grows when people are taught to think objectively, weighing the pros and cons of every government attempt to micromanage your life. Western civilization clearly hasn’t reached this milestone yet, but more people are waking up.

When I see OPEC getting all of this unnecessary power, I wish humanity would wake up because this is beyond silly, Western nations have the power to at least minimize these monopolists, but we’re stuck on stupid, we’re in the champagne socialism era. We’ve not only killed our ability to manufacture things ourselves to communist China, but we’ve also now outsourced our energy to Russia and OPEC. It’s sad!

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Interesting times ahead!