The Supposed presence of right-wing extremists in the ranks: Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre warns Canada does not have the military “that we need” to tackle future threats (Creating Domestic Enemies to Destroy) – October 24, 2022,


I have to assume that SOME Canadian media, as well as SOME Canadians in government, have to be betting big on SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Because when I read some of these articles, I say to myself these people can’t really be this stupid. The argument I’m having in my head is that they’re trying to warn Canadians that, structurally, our country has problems, and because they’re in respectable positions, they’re NOT allowed to speak up about it.

So instead, they’ve decided to dog whistle to everyone that Canada is on the decline, and there’s really nothing they can do to stop it. In the body of the article, I point to in this post, the following claim is made

The reputational problem has been compounded by concerns about the presence of right-wing extremists in the ranks. Location is proving to be an issue as well — most CAF bases and wings are in rural areas, while the majority of Canadians live in cities.

Military recruiting issues may be ‘more serious’ than senior ranks letting on: Hillier |

However, in another section of the post, it goes on to say

“We need a Prime Minister who is going to show support for the Canadian Forces visibly.”

“You need that kind of visible support. You need dollars (going) into the continuing forces, and you need a full up, active, number-one-priority mission to recruit young Canadians to come and serve our nation in uniform.”

Until the recruitment issue is addressed, the Canadian Forces will continue to be “in a huge amount of trouble,” he warned.

Military recruiting issues may be ‘more serious’ than senior ranks letting on: Hillier |

Now for a lot of us, we’re arguing that Justin Trudeau and the people who support him imagine the Canadian military differently from folks who put the ECONOMICS of the country first. The modern liberals are focused on “Social Justice” which, from an economics perspective, are enforced via GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS.

Whether you’re talking about centre or Far Right, neither group of individuals will join the military if they feel like their FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION or FREEDOM OF SPEECH will be under attack while they’re active in the military. The Canadian media is always looking to SENSATIONALIZE anything to do with WHITE MALES.

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White men aren’t perfect, and when they’re not perfect while serving, they’ll be the MAIN targets of the media and what appears to be perpetual Left Wing political leadership. Also, it’s not a certainty that the Conservative Party will be supportive of the military if they’re in charge of running the government.

The Canadian media will indeed go on the offensive the moment Justin Trudeau is replaced by a Conservative. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Conservative Party leader, in order to hold onto power, starts to speak in a manner that appeases Left Wing voters. What I’m getting at here is that the CULTURE of Canada is being distorted by Left Wing politics, thereby compromising recruitment of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Many of us like to remind Left wingers that the fall of the Roman Empire occurred mainly because the Roman Soldiers didn’t see anything worth fighting for. The freedom to be FAR LEFT, according to the media, doesn’t pose the same threat to being Far Right. Either that or people on the Far Left are DISINTERESTED in serving in the Canadian military?

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In the article I point to, there’s no mention of the Far Left; their focus is on the Far Right. Now, to be honest, I don’t know what the Far Right means; it appears to be an ever-evolving term that even includes visible minorities who don’t think or speak in a manner acceptable to the people who are STRUGGLING TO RECRUIT PEOPLE INTO THE ARMED FORCES?

You either believe in freedom of speech, or you don’t if you don’t; when someone with non-popular opinions imagines joining the military, what will go through their heads is the reality that they WON’T be able to be themselves. Sometimes young people are knuckleheads until their 45 years old, however, these knuckleheads have no problem risking their lives for ANY Canadian.

When those in charge say, we don’t want you to represent us, because you’re a little too RIGHT WING for us, well, you’ll get fewer people interested in joining the Armed Forces. Being that there’s no LEFT WING problem in the military, one should wonder why these recruiters aren’t doing more recruiting in LEFT WING areas.

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Well, we know why that is; it’s because, as the writer points out, “Location is proving to be an issue as well — most CAF bases and wings are in rural areas, while the majority of Canadians live in cities.” Apparently, people who enjoy the conveniences of big cities, don’t want to be situated in rural areas.

Oddly enough, most of the people who vote for Far Left Politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau live in major cities. a lot of the problems I’ve heard coming from Canada’s military, the media usually SENSATIONALIZES; when I dig into the story usually the problems the media sensationalized aren’t as bad as I initially thought.

With that said, if you’re thinking of joining the military and you’re paying close attention to how the politicians and media are portraying you while you waste away in rural areas, all of a sudden joining Canada’s armed forces doesn’t sound like the right career move. The men and women who have no problems being in Rural areas tend to be Right Wing folks who typically want to be LEFT ALONE!

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Sure some of these individuals might be rugged, but why wouldn’t you want people in your country’s military to be rugged? The answer to that question is easy; Left-wing talking points are geared towards socially engineering people to be more docile and easier to control. So far, Left-wing social engineering hasn’t worked out well.

Government Regulations on human behavior and productivity tends to lead to SHORTAGES; I’m seeing no shortage of POLITICIANS; it appears everyone wants to be in politics these days as politics affords people more freedoms and WEALTH than being a normal citizen. If we want to correct these systematic issues, we need to rethink the CULTURE we’re building.

Ofcourse we all want to be a better version of ourselves, but we have to stop imagining that only the Left Wingers have the answers. A lot of the damage Left-wingers have caused to this country has to be reversed, challenged, and PROPERLY debated. Until this change happens, Canada is going to have a lot of SHORTAGES problems.

Military recruiting issues may be ‘more serious’ than senior ranks letting on: Hillier |

Interesting times ahead!