The Threat of Secession Works: Have Not Province Quebec gets deal on carbon tax while the rest of Canada pays the FULL PRICE – December 4, 2022,


A headline from the Toronto Sun caught my attention regarding the Carbon tax, the Canadian province of Quebec got a special deal from the Federal government, and it’s pretty obvious unless you want to claim Justin Trudeau is being biased for the 2023 election, that Quebec got a special deal, because of its secession movement, which is FEDERAL political Party.

I should also point out that the current Premier, at least by Quebec standards, is a Conservative government; Trudeau hasn’t even been this kind to British Colombia, which often has a far Left provincial government that many can argue has a big government climate change strategy that exceeds what the federal government is attempting to do.

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Penalties are very high for polluters in B.C., and the BCers get stuck with the bill. To date, no relief has come from Ottawa because, well, Justin Trudeau doesn’t need Western Canada to win a majority government, nor does Justin Trudeau have to worry about secession; there’s no active secession movement in B.C and the Left win Party of choice in B.C is the NDP.

With Quebec, the Liberals can not only win seats, securing a majority, but they can also use secession as an excuse to redistribute money from other parts of Canada and funnel it for votes from Quebec. This is a good strategy on the part of the Federal Liberals because, from what I’ve heard, the Alberta Secession movement is now a larger percentage than the Quebec secession movement.

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Furthermore, it’s not like Justin Trudeau is spending his own money, he’s spending money he took from taxpayers and borrowed from the Bank of Canada. Trudeau has said on camera that he doesn’t think about the economy, meaning that what’s on Trudeau’s mind is likely winNing POLITICALLY at any cost.

Canada is not a warmongering country, meaning that the main job of a Prime minister is to keep Canada GLORIOUS and Free, and that doesn’t happen by being biased and picking winners based on what provinces will help you to win the 2023 election, which is becoming increasingly apparent will happen. The way I look at things, I don’t see any incentive for Quebecers to change their voting patterns from the 2021 election, but maybe I’m missing something.

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I do think Trudeau very well may perform well in the GTA; in Ontario, I’m not sure if Doug Ford’s landslide victory, which was due in large part to low voter turnout, is what to expect in the 2023 election, but Trudeau is a strong candidate, that you can never count out, what I don’t see is Majority government for Trudeau, it’s hard for me to imagine most NDP voters abandoning the NDP for the Liberals, based on Trudeau’s destruction of the Canadian economy.

You have to remember that if you’re getting poorer under Justin Trudeau, which is true for most Canadians, even if you like him as a person, do you really want to shoot yourself in the foot just to keep him in power? I don’t know the answer to that question; in most socialist countries, the people continuously vote for a politician who will worsen their financial situation simply because the politician speaks well.

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What should be clear is that the Quebec sovereignty movement has been a success, and we have to wait until 2023 to see if this translates to votes for Trudeau.

GUNTER: Quebec gets deal on carbon tax while rest of Canada pays |

Interesting times ahead!