Review – Is it a scam?

The 7 Steps Course, which you could check out at, is an internet marketing material that is being given away for free by Justin Blake. In the internet marketing industry, Blake has been known as one of the successful and reputable internet marketers. This eCourse that he is giving away for free is made up of five sections, with each section describing thoroughly the different aspects of internet marketing success.

More about the 7 Steps Course

In order to receive this 5-section eCourse, you need to fill out an online form which will basically ask for your personal details. Each section of this training material is filled with tips on how you could succeed in the internet marketing industry. The first section of the course talks about building your dream team; the second section talks about getting started; the third section is all about joint ventures; the fourth section explains thoroughly about building a lucrative business; and lastly, the fifth section speaks about tips on how to reduce your business taxes.

Once you’re done with all five sections, you will be given a link. This link directs you to a website where you can start applying all the principles and tips being given and discussed in all 5 sections of the eCourse.

Final thoughts on

In a glance it may seem that the eCourse is a great deal considering that it’s given for free. However, for a reputable and famous internet marketer, there must be reasons for giving it for free. In most cases, these free stuff usually calls for an action from the consumer, whether to sign up for their further offers or some other things. Thus, you need to be careful in providing your personal details for this ‘free stuff’ offers.

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