TheConsumerHerald Scam

this is a quick post about this is fake news website called the for anyone reading this keep in mind that is nothing more than an “Advertorial” meaning it’s sole purpose to get you to buy something or sign up for something using it’s ( recommendation.

More about Fake News Website Advertorials

The youtube video shown on this website is used to give you the consumer the illusion that this fake news website advertorial is a legit news website which it is not. The testimonials are probably real but who they are coming from is a different story. If you type in ‘buy testimonials’ in any major search engine you will see that there are quite a few companies in which you can use to buy testimonials so even though says that all their testimonials are verified there’s no way of telling from whom or from where.

I only say this so that you as the consumer can proceed with caution before getting involved with this fake news website advertorial. At present this fake news website advertorial is recommending people sign up for a penny auction site called i’ve also written a post about Quibids and also penny auctions in general. If you would like to read about that click the link below.