The Daily Plate of is one of the growing number of resource sites that you could find in the diet and weight loss niche. As a resource website, it doesn’t really recommend a specific type of diet or promote a specific fitness plan. What it does instead is provide a range of tools that will aid any dieter in making his/her weight loss plan successful.

The website is brought to the market by, the website for the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation. This foundation is known for its advocacy and fundraising campaign for cancer research. The Daily Plate is one of its means of promoting heath. A portion of the site’s gold membership fee goes to the foundation.

More about The Daily Plate

The Daily Plate has a wide range of tools and resources that can complement your current diet plan. Some of its tools include the calorie counter which helps you determine the number of calories you consume for certain food items. The site’s food database has over 40,000 food that you can check into. Aside from these tools, the website also provides dieters with the ability to save their favorite recipes and share them with the rest of The Daily Plate users.

When it comes to the fitness element, The Daily Plate features the fitness diary and activity tracker which helps you determine the number of calories you burned for every activity that you do. For those who will subscribe to the site’s Gold Membership, they will be granted full access to the website which also means that they will be provided with additional tools like the tracking tools for sleep, smoking habits, heart rate and many more.

Final thoughts on works almost the same way as with other resource sites only that it provides users with the ‘paid’ option in the form of Gold membership. However, users must not expect too much from this premium membership as the additional ¬†tools and resources that will be provided for them aren’t really deemed essential for achieving weight loss.

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