To start I want to first say that I don’t think Facebook will be here as long as some affiliate marketers think.  Ryan Deiss believes that Facebook will replace google. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE! I think in the future there will be something that will replace google but personally I don’t think it will be in Social Media. I especially don’t think it will be facebook. I think “Facecrook” is a Fad and i personally believe it will end up like “” in about 5 years.

Right now I do think Facebook is reaching or has reached its peak I think it will stay there for maybe up to 24 month’s before reality sets in for the younger generations who in my opinion control social media. We all know kids change their minds fast and especially online it’s only a matter of time before another Facebook emerges.

None the less Facebook is the business right now. I am  a new member of The New Traffic Source it’s obviously in it’s developmental stage but I like what they’ve done. i already know how to use Facebook ads it’s actually quite simple but from the little knowledge i’ve acquired from the i can see this is going to help me allot.

I will update this post with my progress by that I mean when I start seeing money and by money i mean at least $200 in a day or at least 5 in a day in one campaign. That’s how I measure my adwords and Bing ads if this thing works I should see similar results. For more information on Click Here