Review Is It a Scam?

I’m not sure how you heard about the but I heard about them via a spam email either by them or by one of their affiliates at “” The email said the following:



I’m visiting many cities to meet up in person with many of my members just
to show you I do exist and I am as Genuine as you see me on the videos:

I will be in (geocity) tomorrow and if you can make this event I have
something special for YOU!

first please take a look HERE:


Support Team.


There have been a lot of these kinds of programs popping up all over the internet being that Binary options and Forex have been getting a lot of criticism lately for unfavorable trading practices I’ve personally decided to get out all together and stick with my personal borrowing trading strategy which is to find good stocks or mutual funds that pay dividends.

For the record I DO NOT give financial or trading advice but I’ve stopped investing in Forex and binary options trading as it appears that the game is being rigged and being that I’m not a billionaire myself or a billionaire corporation I’m not going to play in that industry no longer.

As with most of these Forex or binary options trading schemes is basically an affiliate for these financial service companies and part of the scheme is for you to follow their advice which is why I’m not recommending them. All that said if you want to sign up and review for yourself don’t let me stop you. Would I call The Push Button Millionaire a scam? No! But I would call it a marketing gimmick so be warned and consider reading both the ThePushButtonMillionaire terms and conditions and it’s disclaimer. Good luck!

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