There Will Likely Be No More Bailouts: The Economics Behind The Legacy Media in Canada Attacking Pierre Poilievre – June 13, 2022,

I’d like to take some credit for warning my readers months ago that Pierre Poilievre will benefit from constant attacks from the mainstream media. Pierre Poilievre will need to strengthen his mental muscles and allow the constant attacks to get underskin and LIVE there. Because chances are Trudeau will be in power for the next three years and a lot can happen in that time.

I like to compare Justin Trudeau to Kathleen Wynne, when Stephen Harper lost he didn’t leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, it was just time for him to go, this is evident because Andrew Scheer won the popular vote during the 2019 election. Justin Trudeau had to be STRATEGIC in order to beat Andrew Scheer. Justin Trudeau won the 2019 and 2021 elections, in the same manner, that Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S Federal election, by focusing his attention on the ridings he had a better chance of winning.

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I say this because Trudeau’s team had to know ahead of time, that Trudeau wasn’t popular in a lot of places in Canada, and therefore they had to motivate people to vote. On the Conservative side, most Conservative voters didn’t need motivation, Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole weren’t particularly strong candidates but they still won the popular votes, meaning more people in Canada felt the need to support them than people who felt the need to support Trudeau.

In Ontario, the Liberal Party of Ontario is currently struggling to find people willing to support them. Doug Ford won with a low voter turn out and trust me when I say that in Toronto, there were Liberal signs EVERYWHERE and the same vandalizing of Conservative Signs was ever-present, even nearby where I live several instances I saw Conservative signs laid down flat while Liberal and NDP signs were properly erected, yet and still nobody supported the Liberal Candidates?

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Is Canada there yet with Justin Trudeau? What I mean is, is the Ontario and Quebec Left-wingers going to find it hard to motivate themselves to vote for Justin Trudeau in the next election? Because if they don’t come out and show him support, Pierre Poilievre will likely win a majority. Worst than Pierre Poilievre winning a majority would be for him to win a majority and The People’s Party of Canada still gets 800,000+ votes.

Most people are imagining that Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada getting 5% of the votes was a FLUKE. If I were Maxime Bernier, I’d pay less attention to Pierre Poilievre and more attention to trying to take votes from the NDP, because as I’ve stated in prior posts, I was shocked at the number of NDP voters who showed up at PPC rallys.

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Because of Jagmeet capitulating to Justin Trudeau and these travel restrictions being problematic, and Canada basically on the decline because of Jagmeet Singh and Trudeau, now would be a good time for Maxime Bernier to appeal to NDP supporters who aren’t Left-wingers. A lot of NDP voters are working class, and quite frankly may have never heard an alternative point of view.

I’d argue the Pierre Poilievre train has left the building and the People’s Party of Canada, should be on the prowl to take support away from the NDP and Liberals. Canada’s immigration system differs from everywhere else in the world in that PIERRE Trudeau via pressure from the Bloc ofcourse was trying to appeal to smart immigrants, to come to Canada.

This is why I like Secession movements is that the threat to separate often leads to even the furthest of Left-wingers being forced to capitulate. Canadian Federal politicians can’t ignore Quebec and that means that Trudeau unlike Joe Biden can’t just leave the Canadian borders wide open. Also thanks to the Canadian Truckers, Trudeau also doesn’t want to budge on Covid restrictions, meaning that he can’t flood Canada was a wave of migrants without serious pushback.

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Trudeau loses Quebec it’s over for him, if he loses Ontario he’s finished. So at present what I see occurring is Trudeau doing what Kathleen Wynne did before she left office. Before Kathleen Wynne lost she did everything in her power to sabotage Doug Ford. It was very mean-spirited on her point and everyone in Ontario noticed it. It’s for this reason that there was a record low turnout for the Liberals in Ontario.

You can blame De Luca all you want, yes he was a weak candidate, but as I pointed out Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole were weak candidates but still, the Conservative faithful showed up, because at no point during Stephen Harper’s reign can he be accused of being mean spirited when he was about to lose to Trudeau.

Trudeau beat Harper, Harper accepted it, and that was that. With Trudeau he’s spending money here, making promises there, and this BEFORE Trudeau is in campaign mode. I can already imagine a scenario in which Trudeau might refuse to debate Pierre Poilievre. Trudeau never spoke with Freedom Convoy Protestors before invoking the Emergencies act.

Trudeau as very cowardly and I suspect he will be a coward towards Pierre Poilievre. I could be wrong, but I have this gut feeling that Trudeau is tired of being embarrassed on the world stage, and may act cowardly when challenged by Pierre Poilievre who by the way has been embarrassing Trudeau in the house of Commons for years now.

The media is likely going to attempt to frame Pierre Poilievre in a negative light and I’m sure the Liberals will play dirty politics and hope something sticks. I can’t tell Pierre Poilievre what to do, but if I were him, I’d take a page from the Doug Ford handbook and keep things simple. Similar to myself, Pierre Poilievre doesn’t get involved in a woman’s right to choose.

I’m personally against Universal health care altogether, but even if Canada had Private Health Care, I would vote for a woman’s right to choose, my position is I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR IT unless she was raped. When it comes to my Pro-Choice position, I leave a woman to God the Creator, she has to answer to God, or the Universal laws of the universe, not me. I’m sure there are killers walking free in Canada today, there are definitely quite a few walking the streets of Toronto.

If a woman is committing murder, that’s between her a God, I’m not getting involved. So Pierre Poilievre can’t be attacked on his position and again this leaves the door wide open for the People’s Party of Canada to take the PRO-LIFE vote. Maxime Bernier Should NOT ignore the Pro-Life voters. The PPC could grow their party with the Pro-Life vote, there are a lot of Catholics in Canada, and lots of Christians in general.

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Furthermore, a lot of immigrants, don’t believe in murdering children. The media is going to have a hard time framing Pierre Poilievre in a manner that doesn’t make him appear to be progressive. Pierre Poilievre can come across as a Fiscal Conservative with Liberal Social policies and that’s the best of both worlds for Women, who will likely be tired of Inflation and tired of WOKE politics that revolve around political environmentalism.

The legacy media should be at war with the CRTC, because the people I know in the media, often obtain from writing certain things, in fear of the current regulations that prevent them from writing or talking from the heart. Pierre Poilievre claims he will defund the CBC and not in a devastating manner, he will cut parts of the CBC that aren’t needed. Meaning that it’s going to be gradual.

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So obviously the CBC will be on the attack as jobs will be on the line. What I also expect is no more bailouts for the Legacy media once Pierre Poilievre is Prime Minister and this means he will be attacked relentlessly because some of the media organizations making money from the Federal Government are small. I was shocked to learn how many different media outlets in Canada were receiving money from Trudeau at the expense of taxpayers.

Where I stand is that I don’t think it matters at this point, the challenge for Trudeau will be to get people to show up to the polls and vote for him. I don’t think legacy media is a factor in Canada. I think Trudeau tried to make it a factor, I also think Conservative news outlets, try to prop up legacy media to boost their own viewership.

CNN, ABC, and NBC in the United States don’t need a bailout, they’re fine, Canadian media needed a bailout likely because of the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications(CRTC) I’ve been saying for years, the CRTC is why Canadian television is so boring. Canadian media only compete within the confines of the CRTC, which is why you don’t see Canadian television pushing the envelope. I hear in Quebec they push the envelope but that’s because they have a SERIOUS secession movement there.

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The Quebec secessionists force Federal agencies to fight off their back foot. If the CRTC attacks Quebec media that’s fuel for the Secessionist fire that will say see, the Federal Government is trying to attack us and our culture. Not sure what Pierre Poilievre has planned for his campaign, but I think he should he should consider making changes to the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications(CRTC) part of his plan.

He very well might find some friends in the media. He doesn’t even have to be specific, he can stick with his make Canada the freest place on earth slogan and pin that to changes he’ll make to the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications if elected, which would be opposite to what Justin Trudeau is doing. I don’t know what Pierre Poilievre has planned but Justin Trudeau is destroying the Canadian economy and this means that the people affected by Trudeau’s disastrous economic policies even if they don’t like the Conservatives might decide that Trudeau’s mean-spirited nature isn’t worth voting for.

a low voter turnout could be in Trudeau’s future!

Interesting times ahead!