These emails from ‘[email protected]’ about returning CERB payments aren’t scams they’re LEGIT – July 14, 2022



While people like myself were stuck not only working but paying taxes a large chunk of OVERLEVERAGED Canadians got bailed out by the Liberal Party of Canada, which let’s be honest is one of the main reasons Justin Trudeau won the 2021 election. A lot of people are willing to sell their souls for money, so it didn’t surprise me when Justin Trudeau gained a few seats in the last election


But truth be told, Justin Trudeau borrowed that money from people who actually WORK and pay taxes. Because of consumer price inflation, debt servicing costs for Justin Trudeau’s government just went up, which could quickly become problematic if people in debt for CERB payments don’t pay back what’s owed to the people of Canada.

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CERB stands for The Canada Emergency Response Benefit, well it’s no longer an emergency, and if you’re one of those people who were fired are let go from your job because you REFUSED to get vaccinated, well, I hope you supported the Freedom Convoy and you were AGAINST Justin Trudeau freezing bank accounts because that’s one of the reasons for the Freedom Convoy protests.

Governments who do a lot of regulating of their citizen’s activities, typically DESTROY the economy. Humans were not intended to be serfs and slaves for the government and the only reason Justin Trudeau was able to send money to recipients was that CENTRAL BANK interest rates in Canada were artificially low. I like to remind people that 2015 candidate Justin Trudeau said he would run a deficit because interest rates were low.

Justin Trudeau says Liberals plan 3 years of deficits to push infrastructure | (2015)
Liberal leader says budget won’t be balanced until 2019-2020

Well, current interest rates are rising, how long will interest rates rise? I don’t know, because as I like to point out, the cost of living is rising because of this war on fossil fuels, and for every wage increase people get during a DEFLATIONARY recession, is almost like a FIXED HIGHER COST for the cost of production, meaning that even if oil prices come down, the economy is going to be in such bad shape, that RESTRUCTURING might be a new buzz word for businesses.

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I say this because this war on fossil fuels, was not only unnecessary it also DISTORTED the prices for EVERYTHING. During recessions PRICE discovery will be necessary to fix all the bloat caused by this war on fossil fuels and how that looks in the future is anyone’s guess. What I do know is that Trudeau’s DEFICIT is about to get more expensive and he doesn’t even have to pretend to care about people who scammed the government for CERB.

Especially those of you who took CERB payments and didn’t get jabbed, that was really, really dumb, because if you’re not jabbed, Trudeau’s people know you’re likely not going to vote for him anyway, so your excuse for not being employed will likely go on deaf ears. The quick fix to the economic problems of the Canadian economy are AUSTERITY MEASURES!

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In a free market, it’s impossible NOT to be employed, a FREE MARKET doesn’t have stupid government regulations like having to be vaccinated to leave and return to Canada. a Free market doesn’t charge you a CARBON TAX for using fossil fuels, there are so many STUPID NEW rules and regulations created by Justin Trudeau making the Canadian economy LESS EFFICIENT!

If you were one of the beneficiaries of Justin Trudeau’s CERB payments, who remained silent, while the rest of us pushed back against tyranny, what did you think was going to happen? Oh, you must have thought that Trudeau wouldn’t eventually turn you into a slave? Did you think he was sending you free money because the two of you were friends? or because he was buying your vote?

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If the Canadian government has to run a deficit to send you money, it’s a clear sign the Canadian government has NO MONEY! So if you sold your soul to a bankrupt government, that’s coming to collect, consider having a higher price the next time. For the record, these [email protected] emails are very real, and you’d better address it immediately because you’re in debt to the hardworking people of Canada.

Not all of us are like you, some of us had to work all through the pandemic and pay taxes, some of us were subsequently laid off because of mandates, while many of you CERB recipients praised your great Deficit PM Leader. Can Trudeau pardon your debts? I don’t know, but the money he borrowed has just gotten more expensive.

Bank of Canada hikes rate to 2.5%. Here’s what it means for you

The same interest rates that will make paying back debt more expensive for consumers is the same price of debt Justin Trudeau’s government will have to pay back, the difference being that, Justin Trudeau’s income is DEPENDENT on Canadian consumers’ spending more money. Well, because of Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels, making energy prices more expensive, it’s potentially leading to a RECESSION.

What a recession means is that consumer spending will likely SLOW DOWN, meaning less revenue for the Federal Government of Canada. If Trudeau’s government is making less money in taxes, owed CERB repayments will become more important. Sure Trudeau could write off these debts, but it won’t shrink the deficit it will increase it, meaning that other public services will be affected.

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I’ve been writing about austerity measures for quite some time now, I don’t know if Canada is there yet, but these artificially high costs are destroying the economy and this war on fossil fuels will in my opinion either create SHORTAGES, higher prices, or a combination of both, because if commodity prices continue to crash, the higher costs to RESTART production of commodities won’t be worth it at the new higher cost.

I bring this up because the only easy answer moving forward is austerity measures and if you know anything about austerity measures, you’d know a lot of people HATE IT!

Surprise! These emails about returning CERB payments aren’t scams |

Interesting times ahead!