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The fund has already begun to invest in companies pushing industries forward, such as
Abaris, which is helping people prepare for retirement with a private-sector alternative
to Social Security known as a digital personal pension; Me Salva, one of the fastest-growing education institutions in Brazil, bringing mobile-based courses to all students; Mi Aguila, which is building the transportation network for the Colombian workforce; and Radish Fiction, which is
disrupting the traditional publishing model with a mobile-first serialized fiction platform.

According to Matt Carey, founder of Abaris, “Kairos has accelerated his venture’s growth prospects and helped it gain attention from its early days, when he incubated the idea as an MBA student at Wharton, working at the U.S. Treasury Department. “I noticed the big trend: Roughly 45 percent of working-age households have no retirement savings, and consumers needed other options.”

In the midst of creating a new financial asset class, Carey is confident in his company’s future. Abaris piloted its product last year and already has hundreds of users. On his company’s advisory board are data scientists from Amazon and a lead designer from Google. Life insurers partnering with the company include NY Life, Mass Mutual and Principal Financial.

“When you consider about $1 trillion is invested in IRAs and 401(k) plans annually, we think we spotted an enormous opportunity,” Carey says.