Review – Is it a scam?

The Six Figure Mentors, which you can find at, is a company founded by two internet marketers who claim that they can help transform your life financially through their system. These marketers claim that they can show anyone how to earn $10,000 or more in a month. Furthermore, they claim that their training is a product of their years of experience as online entrepreneurs.

More about the Six Figure Mentors

What sets the Six Figure Mentors from other training programs out there is that they claim to be not in any form of digital product known to many – eBook, video tutorial, etc. What they are instead is a system that you cannot purchase because you need to sign up and get accepted before you can access important information. Another thing that they’re claiming is that the training, research, and development they’ve been through have cost them millions of dollars.

While the website is full of information of what they’re not, the people behind it fail to mention of what they really are. There’s very little information obtained from their site to determine the kind of opportunity they’re offering.

Final thoughts on

Signing up in is not free. There are certain fees involved to become a member of this system. However, it’s risky to sign up for anything that you aren’t really sure of what you’re getting. If you still want to pursue, it would be better to check on their refund policy to know if they have one and on how you could take advantage of that in case you don’t like their system.

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