Review Is it a Scam

Many people dream of wealth but most fall short ever wonder why? From the information I learned from Louis Lautman and the people in this is caused because most people have the wrong vision of wealth. Many people are looking for wealth in all the wrong places and most people honestly believe wealth is all about luck and that some people are just born lucky. This is False and you learn all about this in

When i first heard about the yes Movie I thought it was just like the “The Secret” if you don’t know or have never seen “The Secret” it’s basically about the laws of attraction and if you believe you will achieve theres a brief youtube video about The Secret in case you’ve never heard of it.

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What Separates from TheSecret

What separates  TheYesMovie from The Secret is TheYesMovie get’s into specifics it gives you real examples from real people and brings you into the mind of an entrepreneur which is a completely different clarity than what most are accustomed to. The people you meet are all real entrepreneurs from all walks of life doing things that they love. You get to learn and understand how they think why they think the way they do and also how you to can be like them.

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TheYesMovie is not a one size fits all movie it’s movie made to help expand the minds of future business professionals. if your anything like me the thought of a 9 – 5 jobs makes you sick. Personally i can’t stand the thought of going to a 9 – 5 but oddly enough if you ask many people that’s how they think life is supposed to be. Many people honestly believe in the philosophy of work hard and make money. Oddly enough some of these people might have allot of money. BUT… money doesn’t mean happiness this is where TheYesMovie shines most.

Money Doesn’t Always Mean Happiness

The entrepreneurs in this movie are all doing things they LOVE doing and they are having a blast doing it they live life on there own terms and have the cars houses and lifestyles most can only dream about and they did it there own way, these are not people who grew up with money these are self made millionaires. So when they speak I listen and i recommend you do the same.

One thing I’ve figured out is that the reason some people make allot of money and many people make no money or little money is because most people are afraid of risk most people will only procrastinate and never take action. Are you one of those people? How should you know if your one of those people? well when you get an idea do you take action or just sit there and do nothing. when your faced with a challenge to you run from it ignore it or do you beat it into submission. Are you a sensitive person do you let what others say about you alter the way live? because if you do that could be the reason your BROKE or not happy.That’s the huge lesson you will learn from this DVD

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The Visuals that Inspire and Attract Wealth to You

The visuals in this movie are amazing and the way the video was shot will inspire you this is type of video you watch over and over and over again until it finally hits you that you can become what ever you want in this life, If your a real entrepreneur stop watching people around you get wealthy and become wealthy yourself below is an excerpt of I really hope i will see you at the top best wishes.

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