Review | Are they the best merchant cash advance lender?

Based on every merchant cash advance metric, it appears to me that at least from what I’ve reviewed appears to be number 1. It’s not common to see a Schedule 1 Canadian bank associate itself directly with a merchant cash advance company. If you’re unfamiliar with what a merchant cash advance is, it’s like a payday loan for businesses, the difference being, they’re going to take a percentage of your sales transaction revenue until you pay them back.

From my standpoint, the best loans are lines of credit, but obviously every business doesn’t qualify for a line of credit and merchant cash advances are more concerned with sales volumes as opposed to your creditworthiness, so there’s definitely value-added there. Although isn’t targeting home-based businesses, it appears that they’re opened to them as long as that home-based business is profitable.

If you’re looking for a company to loan you money so you can start a business is not for you, your business has to be generating profits in order to qualify. I have to say that when I see CIBC aligning with Thinking Capital in 2019 it tells me an interesting story. vs.

I did a small review on in which I found it hard to see where they added value? With the exception of the targeting profitable online business, which I’ve long known merchant cash advance companies to do, I couldn’t find any real value, well with as it stands now in 2019 they’re associated with CIBC a schedule 1 bank in Canada and bank well known for granting generous loans to creditworthy individuals, so for myself as it stands now I’d have to put Thinking Capital ahead of Clear banc.

If you’re looking for a merchant cash advance I’d apply to both Thinking Capital ahead of Clear Banc, however, I’d apply for first s their company is more than just bells and whistles. If they managed to work with a Schedule 1 bank like CIBC chances are they’ve found a way to add serious value to their company.

Based on my reviews is legit, definitely not a scam with legitimate reviews and testimonials. Any questions you have should be directed to their staff directly!