a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

This Could Be a Conservative Politicians Slogan For Austerity Measures: Canada’s Current Prime Minister Justin”Trudeau warns: ‘It’s going to be a tough year’ in 2023 – December 26, 2022,


Interestingly enough, one of the reasons Far-Left politicians continue to gain favor with the public is their ability to admit when they did something wrong. When Justin Trudeau got caught wearing blackface more times than he could remember, he went on camera in front of the public and apologized. Trudeau has lost the popular vote in Canada ever since the incident, but he’s still the Prime Minister of Canada, and a lot of Black and Brown Canadians, the target of mean-spirited racism, still voted for Trudeau in 2019 and 2021.

What that should tell you is that selective and strategic honesty does pay off politically. Furthermore, ignorance also appears to work itself out regarding economic and financial matters. To stop consumer price inflation, I’m of the belief that AUSTERITY measures will be necessary. Canada, as well as several western nations that decided to declare war on fossil fuels, based on my numbers, have BROKEN their price control mechanisms.

When some people talk about Price Controls, they’re usually only talking about one price control; when I write about price controls, I’m referring to ALL the price controls, including the price controls most people ignore. People tend to forget rent controls are price controls; minimum wages are price controls, tariffs are price controls, unionized public servants are price controls, government contracts with the private sector are price controls, and central banking is price controls.

Now, why price controls have been under control since around the end of the 1980s, in my opinion, had to do with the price of oil or oil being settled in U.S. dollars while the technological innovation was DEFLATING prices. Unfortunately, the Progressive governments, with their war on fossil fuels, have BROKEN that system via regulations. What you’re observing right now is a lot of unionized workers, for example, DEMANDING PERMANENT hikes to their wages to match the inflation rate.

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But let’s say I get a raise to match the inflation rate, and then inflation continues to rise. Most of the innovations we’ve experienced are the result of FOSSIL FUELS. Even if you believe in the green revolution, Fossil Fuels are still the driving force behind it. The difference now rather than in the past in Canada as an example is that there is PRICE ON CARBON

Justin Trudeau’s government is demanding the private sector have higher energy costs and lower profits so he can redistribute money via his carbon tax to entities Trudeau imagines will be good for the environment. Justin Trudeau is also for social justice, which is another burden on the Canadian economy and all of these FEDERAL GOVERNMENT initiatives have to be enforced by the private sector in fear they might be sued.

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These added costs, didn’t exist prior to Justin Trudeau and other progressive politicians all over the world, but they’re here now, and Justin Trudeau wants you to accept that this is the new normal and times are going ‘It’s going to be a tough year’ in 2023.

To politicians who think that the public won’t buy into austerity measures, I think you’re ignoring the Justin Trudeau blueprint. A conservative-led Canadian government doesn’t need the permission of the opposition to shrink the size of the government. When Stephen Harper was Prime Minister of Canada, he wanted to play nice.

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Justin Trudeau is not foolish; Justin Trudeau continues to play to win, pushing his tyrannical agenda in the face of his opposition. If you oppose Trudeau’s vision, given the opportunity, he’ll squash you like a bug. Yes, ofcourse I see the immorality of Justin Trudeau, but he is the prime minister of Canada because the last three elections were fair and square.

There is no post where I challenge the legitimacy of Trudeau being elected Prime Minister of Canada. Sure he lost the popular vote twice, but those are the rules. Justin Trudeau has laid out a blueprint that Canadians should be willing to accept some austerity measures, but the Conservative politician better be PREPARED for the MEDIA and public backlash.

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Independent media is growing in Canada, so Trudeau does get backlash from the ever-growing conservative Canadians, yes part of Trudeau’s tyrannical political strategy is to use the force of government to CENSOR his opposition, but one has to ask why it’s been such a difficult task for Conservatives to destroy Trudeau’s agenda?

The answer to that is simple; the Conservatives are also immoral, obviously less so than Liberals, but immoral enough that Justin Trudeau still seems like a “safe” option. This happened over the years because the Conservative Party has decided to PIVOT to the political middle in order to win elections. In life, there are tradeoffs, and the trade-off to pivoting closer to the center is that you have a lot of Canadians who only vote for the FREE stuff they can get from the government.

Free stuff, by the way, also includes things like SUPPLY MANAGEMENT, which is a free monopoly a select few have to ENFORCE their own PRICE CONTROLS. In closing, similar to the Quebec Left Wing Secession Movement, Canadian conservatives can learn something from the far left. Sure, what I’m writing about here is NOT a recipe for winning elections in the SHORT term, but it would be a strategy to win hearts and minds in the long term.

People like CONSISTENCY!

As recession fears grow for 2023, Trudeau warns: ‘It’s going to be a tough year’
| globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!