It’s Time To End Corporate Welfare: If You Love Freedom ~ The People’s Party of Canada’s platform Is The Best Mainstream Political Platform In The Country – September 4, 2021,

Freedom must be sold, it sounds crazy to most Canadians to read those words, but Socialism under the guise of “Liberalism” was sold to Canadians and it’s worked. Erin O’Toole and the Conservative Party of Canada moved further to the Left politically because the poll data suggested that this is how they would win elections.

Why this happened in Canada in my opinion is not only due to immigration, for the most part, it’s due to Canada’s educational system, which is Left-leaning because that’s where the money is. Because Canada’s educational system is Left-Leaning, most of Canada’s young people assume that people on the Political Right are evil and who could blame them? That’s what they’re taught from the corporate welfare media and the often unionized public schools.

It’s not until most people start to work for the private sector that they realize how evil the Leftists Political Parties in Canada are. How the various levels of government combat the awakening of masses is by offering more UNIONIZED government jobs, you have a lot of people in Canada working in the public sector who will vote for the Leftist political candidates in fears of losing their jobs or not getting a pay increase.

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This is one of the major reasons why the Conservative Party of Canada has moved so far to the Left because the Conservative Party faithful believe that this is the only way to win an election. Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada have created a platform for Freedom Lovers, but if you’ve been trained to think of freedom as a bad thing, you’ll most likely imagine Maxime Bernier to be the devil himself.

Most Canadians as an example don’t imagine vaccine passports as CORPORATE WELFARE the reason why most people can not make the connection is because Universal Health Care has been promoted as FREE health care delivered by the government.

As we’re observing no in certain provinces in Canada, the Premiers are using the governments’ monopoly over health care as their reasoning for vaccine passports. In a free-market economy, if as an example a certain segment of the population refused to get government-corporate vaccinations, maybe the private health care companies charge higher prices to that group, problem solved This would immediately become a non-issue if the government wasn’t in charge of health care in Canada.

But our corporate-government merger in many different industries in Canada has created a culture in Canada of government dependency, which Maxime Bernier knows will take some time to correct. Winning gets people to listen, so one of the main missions of the People’s Party of Canada right now has to be to win a seat.

The People’s Party of Canada is the biggest threat to the NDP

Private Sector Labour unions are actually on the decline in Canada and the NDP’s bread and butter used to be Canada’s unionized labour class, well, now the NDP has shifted to catering to Canada’s welfare class and because so many Canadians Party’s have shifted further Left, the People’s Party of Canada actually has the most pro-labor political party in Canada.

In the U.K as an example, their Labour Party(equivalent to Canada’s Liberal and NDP Party) is finished and probably won’t make a comeback for a long time, because they shifted from looking out for the working class to looking out for the welfare class. The NDP has been making the same mistake in Canada and although in the short run people may imagine the People’s Party of Canada to be taking Conservative Votes, the reality of the situation is that the People’s Party of Canada might be the single biggest threat to the NDP as most working-class members of the NDP members are against CORPORATE WELFARE.

Must Read: The People’s Party of Canada’s platform |

I do see a scenario in which the People’s Party of Canada and The Conservatives become the two top political Party’s in Canada, why? Because the People’s Party of Canada’s platform will be “mostly the same” moving forward, as the PPC wins seats, this will make them more familiar to Canadians.

The Liberals, The Conservatives, and the NDP are constantly being forced to rebrand themselves, if Justin Trudeau loses the 2021 election, the Liberals will have to rebrand themselves, 4 years is a long time and if the People’s Party of Canada wins a few seats, all of a sudden their ideas become mainstream, as I like to point out, you can’t unlearn liberty, once you understand freedom and liberty and why the Western world is the best, it’s very rare you will return to demanding big government oppression.

This is one of the reasons I feel that Jagmeet Singh gets so defensive when he thinks about the PPC. People in Canada can feel it, Maxime Bernier has found something. The PPC platform is not very complex, it’s actually very easy to understand, the challenge moving forward is UNBRAINWASHING Canadians, how do you do it? in increments, it’s very easy to capitalize off of corporate welfare.

Canadian politics is awash with corporate welfare and to start once the People’s Party of Canada gets a seat, there’s a good chance their movement will grow, and not in the same manner as the Conservative Party, I mean organic growth.

Canadians prefer to support a political Party they know can win, so the first mission of the People’s Party of Canada is to win 1 seat. I believe this can happen in the 2021 election.

Must Read: The People’s Party of Canada’s platform |

Interesting times ahead!