Tissa Godavitarne Review Is It a Scam

Geez, umm where do i start with this one. This is one of those things that well i guess what you don’t know will hurt you and cost you money you don’t have to spend. Systems tend not to work so well online unless you fully understand internet marketing, in a post like this i have no choice but to refer you to a system a think is much better. Like i have my own system to wealth online but you see it’s MY system so whatever I am doing can’t be duplicated exactly.

Online Systems

See when systems are duplicated online people online become aware and then they start talking and then the system collapses, but it doesn’t collapse instantly it just gets slower and slower and slower. The ones who survive are the people that understand internet marketing and when you understand internet marketing the only people you pay are usually the hosting companies. Any other fees you would pay if your a real internet marketer would be something specific.

like SEO or a script or programmer to make you a script, in my opinion when you get into these types of businesses your playing yourself, but this is only my view. MLM’s well the good ones anyway build systems and honestly who could blame them. People request these things and someone comes up with the idea. So i can’t hate on what Tissa Godavitarne is doing i just think its a waste of money.

Don’t believe the hype

There’s false claims going around stating that you will make back your investment into the Tissa Godavitarne system fast this pure sales talk, unless your good at affiliate or good at internet marketing you won’t make back your investment anytime soon. Remember you are paying him and GDI this is how they survive if you pay them there not just going to up and pay you back more for doing nothing. No your going to have to recruit and find your own business.

Forums are flooded with people who get into this system thinking it’s going to be a walk in the park sorry to tell you it’s not nothing is. Now i’m not saying you can’t make any money what i’m saying is if you understood and i mean really understood internet or affiliate marketing you would you probably laugh at this business. I see this and can clearly see what he’s doing, one size doesn’t fit all especially online.

The Importance of specifics on the Internet

You need to be offering people something in particular if your not doing that your rolling the dice of chance, you look around at all the big websites they all offer something in particular and the systems that cost money usually never work. Online systems have to be free if there not it means you have to sell and most like will have to pay for advertising.

Knowing what I know doing all that is doing things backwards. Plus you have to pay Tissa Godavitarne every single month to continue using his system. To me it’s all very stupid, and just gets dumber and dumber.

Hey i’m not saying you can’t make money with Tissa

Now i know there are people that make money from Tissa and that’s fine i’m in no way saying his system does not work what i’m saying is if your going to get into a business system learn affiliate or internet marketing first.

The Truth About Internet Marketing This Might Sting a Little

Now that being said i use to be a member of wealthy affiliate and what i found hilarious was how many people Tissa referred to wealthy affiliate, most of those people wound up quitting wealthy affiliate after there first month. WHY??? because wealthy affiliate is full of information when people get to wealthy affiliate they learn the truth about affiliate marketing. Whats the truth? Well sorry to be the barer of bad news but affiliate marketing can be hard it requires dedication effort and time.

When most people sign up for MLM’s especially it’s because they think it will be a walk in the park. Oh all i have to do is recruit someone and they will do all the work for me they tell themselves this doesnt sound hard Tissa will tell me what to do then i do it then all my financial problems are gone. If this is you don’t feel offended many people share this belief and it’s the job of the internet marketer or the sales page writer to reinforce this belief on the unsuspected reader. Sales people or sales writers do there best to make things seem so simple.

But you see when you understand affiliate marketing i mean really understand it you see through EVERYTHING you look for specifics like what is Tissa offering specifically, can i get what he’s offering somewhere else for free or for less can i pay a programmer to build me the same thing so i own it and can resell it. This is how i think when i see ANY and EVERYTHING online. The internet is the information highway. A sucker online is a person who is looking to get rich quick this person is waiting for that great sales letter that will make him or her feel like “this is the answer to my prayers” this person then roles the dice and in most cases wastes there money.

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In the end Do what you want to do I wrote this review mainly to save some of you from the same mistakes i made in the past. best wishes