TitanTrade.com review – Is it a scam?

As of December 2013 best I can tell TitanTrade.com is currently not regulated which is one of the reasons I currently don’t recommend them. One of the other reasons I currently don’t recommend them is because their minimum deposit is $250 which is reasonable but twice that of some of the larger regulated platforms such as Empire Options for example.

Personal thoughts regarding TitanTrade.com

Beng fair TitanTrade has one of the best looking websites I’ve seen, their bright and bold colors match well with their theme, also the information they provide is top notch matched only by online a few I’ve reviewed online. Their 60 Seconds trading platform is excellent and they make it very easy to understand how it works it can also become very addictive if you’re not careful. TitanTrade.com is not just a binary options trading platform as they also offer pair options among other products. One should definitely familiarize oneself with the many options offered by TitanTrade.com if they’re going to stick with them exclusively!

Final thoughts regarding TitanTrade.com

Best I can tell TitanTrade.com does not appear to be a scam they seem legit and based on my review and the reviews of many others they seem to be building something special. I’m not recommending TitanTrade.com at this time, however don’t let me stop you from giving them a try. Good luck! Any questions or concerns you have regarding TitanTrade.com should be addressed to them directly.

Please leave your comments or experiences with TitanTrade.com it really does help others!

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