Toronto child under the age of 4 dies WITH COVID-19, not BECAUSE OF COVID-19 (Understanding “Flurona”) – January 9, 2022

When a child dies WITH Covid-19, depending on what media organization you listen to the, media will start reporting people who die WITH Covid-19 as people dying FROM Covid-19. I get it for some it’s better to be safe than sorry, but media personalities start saying things like “Children have died from Omicron” is horrible and sends out mass fear. Obviously most people don’t dive into the data, as an example a child could be in the hospital for another reason, and Omicron has nothing  to do with their death, but the news reports it as an Omicron death. a lot of people die with influenza in their system, but influenza is not counted as the cause of death.

In Israel finally doctors under pressure of the science are starting to include other pathogens in their data when people are hospitalized for Covid. Because of the pressure a doctor came out with the term “Flurona” because patients are coming into the hospital with both corona and influenza, which has been quite common for some time now, it’s just that nobody had the balls to say it PUBLICALLY. The child who died WITH covid-19(God rest their soul) more than likely had other pathogens in their system.

‘Flurona’ Is a Great Example of How Misinformation Blooms |

Dating back to when covid caught people’s attention with the Italy outbreak, a lot of the deaths were the result of older people and others having preexisting conditions, catching covid resulting in the loss of life. Now, obviously to get people to care, the media and the governments engaged in massive fear campaigns, promoting every death they could find as the person dying BECAUSE OF covid.

Now the article I point to below, say unequivocally that it believes Covid-19 is responsible for the deaths of the 26 people it reported on, however, it’s important to point out that all the patients had preexisting conditions you’d often associate with obesity. Almost every report I’ve read has said the exact same thing, which for me explains why even some health professionals refuse to be vaccinated.

We report findings on causes of death and comorbidities of 26 decedents that had clinically presented with severe COVID-19. We found that septic shock and multi organ failure was the most common immediate cause of death, often due to suppurative pulmonary infection. Respiratory failure due to diffuse alveolar damage presented as immediate cause of death in fewer cases. Several comorbidities, such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, and obesity were present in the vast majority of patients.

Causes of death and comorbidities in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 |

For the record I believe that you should consider getting vaccinated if you haven’t yet, but these overt lies by media and the government are scary. This reminds me of Nazi Germany. Most people have a “it’s better to be safe than sorry” mentality, but if you’re vaccinated you shouldn’t be concerned with the people who aren’t, it’s there funeral.

If Ebola was running rampant in Canada, you’d have to be an idiot not to get vaccinated, some people are opting not to get vaccinated based on the data. One thing I do know about most people THEY DO NOT READ! At best the read a headline or watch a video and this is extremely problematic when the government is trying to frame a group of people the way the Nazi Party framed the German Jewish population. If you’re obese or elderly, you should definitely consider getting vaccinated, and if this virus scares you, get yourself vaccinated.

Toronto child under the age of 4 dies with COVID-19 |

Interesting times ahead