The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Toronto Gang Members Ignore Justin Trudeau’s Gun Control Laws: Triple shooting in Downtown Toronto’s Regent Park Projects, around 50 shots were fired – September 19, 2021,

So apparently Toronto Gang members didn’t get Justin Trudeau’s memo regarding Gun Controls. I’d argue maybe these gang members can’t read, but that might be considered racist? so my guess is that there isn’t enough law enforcement. No word yet if these gang bangers are legal gun owners, but my guess is that there’s a 100% chance that these gang bangers haven’t gone through the necessary process to register their firearms license because if they did, they’d know what they did was unacceptable.

As we all know Gang members can’t shoot straight, many of them have never been to the shooting range so if their target isn’t less than a meter away chances are those bullets being shot by these gang bangers are flying all over the place, which from an economics standpoint is very wasteful, most LEGAL gun owners in Canada know how expensive bullets are, so again the likelihood of these gang bangers being legal gun owners is less than zero.

Anyway for a city like Toronto to only have fewer than 70 homicides so far this year is pretty good, 70 homicides is a weekend in Chicago which by the way has around the same population size, which by the way has some of the strictest gun control laws in America. Canadians for the most part are good people and being that I live in Toronto, I’m giving you the heads up, most of the gang members in Toronto are cowards, they’re power comes in large part because those of us who could do something CAN’T, we have ot wait on the government to solve the problem.

and by doing something I don’t mean for us to hunt down gang members, but the reason these gang members are so brazen is that they know almost everyone in Toronto is not only unarmed but can’t defend themselves. Even if you’re legally allowed to own a firearm, you can’t use it to protect yourself in Ontario, you have to wait for the police to show up, and as you can see with the story below, over 50 shots were fired before the cops showed up.

50 shots by the way are what the cops could find, if you’ve ever been nearby a shooting, bullets could be flying all over the place, because gang bangers panic-shoot and because they often attempt to shoot their victims at night, possibly wearing a mask, they often can’t even see their target often resulting in them shooting indiscriminately.

Anyone dumb enough to think that government gun controls will stop this problem clearly doesn’t care about solving the problem.

‘A ridiculous amount of gunfire’: 1 dead, 2 injured after triple shooting in Regent Park |

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