it’s ultimately upto you what you want to do with your money if you feel this is the right program to sign up for by all means do not let me stop you. I am not a member of and the reason I’ve chosen not to become a member is personally i think it’s too expensive. In all fairness does put their ‘billing’ information on their order page so i wouldn’t call it a scam. But remember before signing up that you will be signing up for a re-occuring billing plan and the $2.97 fee is nothing more than a trial offer.

After your trial ends with you will be charged $49.95 to the left of their CCBill secure bill sign up form it clearly says

“*Act Now and you will receive Total Home Profit System for only $2.97(USD). If you are satisfied with the product do nothing and you will be billed $49.95(USD) 7 days later and every 30 days thereafter until cancelled..”

so if you sign up understand what you will be getting yourself into. Also it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions before signing up. Allot of trial offer companies have been getting complaints because you only find out the true charge of their products by reading their terms and conditions but in regards to they’ve taken a somewhat different approach to how they present their trial offers. in regards to their terms and conditions have taken more of general approach of explaining to the customer how much he or she will be charged, for joining their program.

My conclusion is for the most part is not a scam but on that same note I hope you understand what you are getting yourself into, and the possible charges associated with this program. The main reason i would not join this company is because I can’t find any information on exactly what i would be getting by signing up for which is usually the first sign in my opinion of a scam. Again i’m not saying it is a scam but just watch out and good luck. Also please share your story below.

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