How to Get Traffic for Your Blog Fast

The number 1 blog i use is wordpress. I have quite a few WordPress blogs on and I also have self-hosted wordpress blogs which can be found at Despite what people think having a wordpress blog does not mean your website will experience more traffic than other websites in fact in many ways a blog can actually hurt your SEO rankings especially if your blog is not being updated frequently.

Get Traffic for Your Blog Fast without Updated content

The point of a blog is up to date information new information with fresh content. If your idea of owning a blog is to write one or two posts per month and you expect to make a truck load of money don’t expect this to happen in Search engines. There are a number of people who do this but by doing this it’s important that you take a different approach to it.

If you have a blog and want to get fast traffic you might want to consider other options such as pop up or pop under advertisements where your website will show after someone leaves a website. if you have an eye catching blog this is the perfect way for you to get a number of sales using your blog. I also use pay per click myself but i can honestly tell you that sometimes my pay per click results are not how i like them to be. The worst part of all is money i invest in pay per click is more than the money i make back or is not much more.

Pop Advertising for Your Blog Gets results Fast and for Less

Pop up adverting always gives me a positive ROI. Whenever i build websites or have websites built for me i make sure they are eye catching and also have an autoresponder with them I recommend you do the same.

The company i use for pop up advertising is a trusted company called  Grow Stats they have worked for me and many others some have even documented their results on this blog. Now obviously i can’t guarantee results but if you have a good looking website i am pretty sure you will see a definite ROI plus i want to point out their traffic prices start at $6.95 for 1000 real visitors.

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