Are traffic exchanges a waste of time?

When I look at the traffic era today it’s nothing like it was in the past and the reason for this is because the “Adclicker” era is behind us primarily because of the creation of Adsense. In the past a lot and I mean a lot of webmasters were having their Adsense accounts terminated because they were using “Adclicker” methods to promote Adsense. When Google caught on a bunch of webmasters lost their main stream of income at this point only one traffic exchange remained dominant and at that time that traffic exchange was Traffic Swarm.

The reason for this was at the time Traffic Swarm credits were hard to come by so for example the people with the most credits obviously made the most sales plus the set up of Traffic Swarm also gave advertisers the ability to give a brief description of what their product was all about to potential customers.

This worked out great until Traffic Swarm started giving away to much credits and word began to spread that traffic exchange credits were basically worthless while this was happening two new types of traffic exchanges starting emerging the first one being EasyHits4u and second I will group together as traffic exchanges who use unexpected up-sells every time a member of their exchange signs up or signs in!

EasyHits4u to date still remains tops on my list as one of the best traffic exchanges ever created and the traffic exchanges that up-sell their members to death to me are what’s killing the industry as a whole. I’m of the belief that a traffic exchange should be just that a traffic exchange sure it can offer additional services to it’s members however I don’t think the aggressiveness is necessary and it’s reflected based on the decline of most traffic exchange websites.

The most money I’ve made using traffic exchange actually came from Traffic Swarm second place is EasyHits4u. However for myself any money I’ve made from EasyHits4u didn’t come from their traffic exchange it actually came from banners something that Traffic Swarm doesn’t have. Money I made from Traffic Swarm was a result of me riding the wave of a mlm I had joined at that time and promoting it like h*ll there.

When I think of most of the new traffic exchanges I see popping up I don’t like them I tried to join a few they had their owners faces proudly displayed on them however I didn’t see any benefit to joining it as a free member although small EasyHits4u offers a cash incentive and 1:1 ratio they’ve also been able to expand on other features which give members a purpose for joining. This to me doesn’t make them a waste of time however I do think most traffic exchanges are a waste of time which is why they’l get no mention from me in this post.

I’ve set up my own traffic exchange and depending on the reception I get back from it I will use it as a platform for more unique simple unique web traffic options I hope to add in the future click the link below to join my traffic exchange. 3:1 traffic exchange ratio, 3 second timers for all members, get paid per activated referral, get paid per upgraded referral and no minimum payout so money your earn is actually yours the instant you earn it. Cheaters are not allowed!

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