I’ve been scammed quite a few times in my day as a matter fact I was scammed just about 2 weeks ago. Freak’n scammers. Anyway usually scammers have great visual presentations they usually fool you with lavish spectacle like pretty website colors pretty, attractive and desirable human beings and fake promises that make you feel the inner need to pull out your wallet and charge up that credit card. Well not Traffic Dart this site looks like it came out of the late 90’s when I first saw this website I said to myself are you serious? Anyway just my opinion onto my review; review

Pop under advertising I’ve written about it before it’s real, If you are with a reputable internet company you don’t have pop unders but if you got some cheap broad band internet connection you know all about pop unders. Many people I’ve done business with even some who make more money than me have pop under problems. It’s the price a person pays for a cheap broadband connection. That being said Traffic Dart claims to have pop under advertising which is fine but the bone headed thing has is a demo account.

A few years back it was a bit hard to detect these things but since Alexa upgraded its tool bar it’s become a bit easier TrafficDart’s is connected with by that I mean that’s where they service their pop unders if you track this back to you can clearly see it’s not getting any traffic as their Alexa rating is at 4 million. On that note I would not sign up with Traffic Dart, but that shouldn’t stop you. If you want to try their service go ahead and let me know about it.

The History of Sites like Pop under Websites like

I first learned about Pop Under websites from a source called Adminder this goes way back. To get a full and free understanding of the Pop Under industry click here and enter your name and email address, check the “Guaranteed Visitors” check box and then click join now read that page and you should get a good understanding of the pop under industry. Please leave your comments below.

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