Review – Is it a Scam? is a traffic exchange type of website worth checking out if you’re in the make money online niche. Personally I wouldn’t use a site like this to promote anything other than a make money online, work from home site. The reason i say this is because typically the types of people that join these sites are looking for money making opportunities. Also be warned that if you’re going to use a traffic exchange that you will be up against a lot of competition so don’t expect results right away.

when it comes to and traffic exchange websites like it, it’s not so much is it a scam when you review sites like this the question to ask is whether it’s worth the time or the money because even though your website might be getting 10,000 hits per day truth be told that less than 1% of the people that check out your website will have any interest in it.

This is not the fault of my review of them is positive however don’t think this type of traffic will get you massive sales or commission results.

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