I’m not a fan of upsells. That’s just one of the problems I have with traffic companies like this one. Another problem i have is the type of traffic a person tends to obtain from sources like this one. Most of us including myself prefer an easy to use way to build traffic to our websites. The problem we run into with programs like these are the type of traffic a person obtains from them. If you’ve ever used a traffic exchange you will realize quickly that the traffic you get from a traffic exchange doesn’t convert well into buyers

Does have good traffic?

Well sites like work in a similar way remember anyone who signs up for signed up for same reason you would sign up which tends to be to grow their own business or build the business of a company they’re affiliated with. From my past experience traffic like this does not convert well into buyers. I know most of you reading this have heard sayings like the power is in the list, or build your list, well that saying only applies if you build a list of targeted and eager subscribers. and Network Marketing

The keyword in that instance being eager, a doubt will have a list of eager interested buyers. On a positive note if you are in some sort of Network marketing or multi level marketing company might be worth it. I find that people who are Network marketing generally are open to new ideas so i can see where a person in Network marketing might find value in a place like

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