TrekPay Review Is It a Scam

What an interesting website Trek Pay is. I honestly don’t know what to make of this site. I’ve gotten three requests now from people asking me to review this site and what do I think about it. When I see this site I see a brilliant person or person(s) with a possible get rich quick scheme that might work or maybe it’s not a get rich quick scheme at all.

Whenever I join these sites there’s a few things I pay attention to and that is. Is the site complicated? Trek Pay has been in pre-launch for a very long time. Someone tell me if I am wrong? Also I notice another thing many of the trek pay links have Google AdSense on them. That’s a big no no with Google AdSense. That’s actually considered fraud in Google AdSense.

They also ask you to confirm you pay pal account to make sure you are verified with pay Pal. From someone who’s been there that is smart on Trek Pays part because the destruction of many paid to sites is Pay Pal.

What I don’t like about Trek Pay

At the moment there is NO Forum. I’ve said this plenty of times before If the get paid to site has No Forum be very careful. The only forums I find to be useless are HYIP (High Yield Investment program) forums.

Join Trek Pay with caution I will be participating in that program to many areas are not being addressed It might be the best program in the world. Also I have yet to see or hear anyone being paid from this program. If you’ve been paid leave a comment below if you have any information to offer people leave a comment below.

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