Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

The One Trick Pony Liberal Party: Why I Believe Erin O’Toole Wins The Coming Election – August 13, 2021,

If you read the poll data in Canada, it’s quite clear, lower consumer prices, don’t cut my existing welfare, fewer taxes that’s basically what Canadians want. Do not worry if it makes any sense, that’s beside the point, if you look at Canadians behavior that’s it in a nutshell.

So one of the reasons The Maxime Berniers types were passed on for more squishy Andrew Scheer was simply because the polls showed that if the Conservative Party is to resonate with Canada as a whole, they need to focus on making swing voters feel welcome in the Party.

For someone like myself who focuses on the economy, I thought what Stephen Harper did was genius, I remember that advert, cutting the GST to 5%, from its previous 7%, that’s huge if you spend $10,000 that’s a savings of $200 and chances are in a year you’re spending more than $10,000. Instead of $1.15, it’s $1.13 that’s HUGE when it adds up annually.

The average Canadian doesn’t care about politics, they don’t understand what’s going on, but if you tell them, you’re going to save them money, they’re all ears. This strategy even works in certain parts of Europe, in some parts of Europe their governments continue to promise voters to shrink their tax burden.

Justin Trudeau for the most part is appealing to the lazy Canadians who do not pay their fair share and want free benefits from Ottawa. These Canadians often do not have jobs and therefore do not care about the rising cost of living because working-class Canadians will be paying for the welfare.

Erin O’Toole doesn’t have to make any elaborate speeches or convince anyone of anything, simple imagery in my opinion is enough. I have yet to hear about Erin O’Toole cutting welfare spending? He doesn’t have to, he can basically say to Canadians I will be more responsible with the money send to Ottawa.

Now, I don’t know how Erin O’Toole will run his campaign once the election is called, but I remind the reader Andrew Scheer won the popular vote in the last election, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP aren’t broke anymore and the Green Party did fairly well in during the last by-election.

With Justin Trudeau’s policies, there is little reason for Quebecers to abandon the Bloc. So in my humble opinion if Erin O’Toole repeats what Andrew Scheer did during the last election he wins. Without Justin Trudeau the Liberal Party is done, I currently see no replacement for him that guarantees them victory for the years to come. If an election is called, from how I see it, they’re calling an election out of desperation, because if you’ll take the time to observe… the Liberal Party is a one-trick pony!

interesting times ahead!