Review – Is it a scam? is a website that works almost the same way as with other auction sites like eBay but at the same time, holds its own penny auction. With TripleClicks, users can sell their items and post them in the website.

In order to post items and participate in the auctions, you must purchase TCredits. The price for TCredits may vary on the kind of pack you’re going to purchase. TCredits could be bought between $1.99 for a single credit and 29 cents each for a pack of 200.

How works

TripleClicks is more like a combination of a regular auction and penny auction sites. It also works the same way. You’ll be using your TCredits to list items for sale and to bid on items.

Just like any other penny auction site, each bid will raise the price of the item by 1 cent and will slightly cause changes in the auction clock. Winners can buy the item at its final auction price.

When you’ve sold items in TripleClicks, the sale money will be placed automatically on your TripleClicks account. You can then use it to purchase items in the site. However, sellers can also opt to cash out the amount but they have to pay a small fee for the processing and transfer of money to their PayPal account.

Final thoughts on

If you’re tired of shifting from one auction site to another just because one site doesn’t have its own penny auction and the other only allows you to post items for sale, then could be the answer. is like a one-stop shop. You can post the items you’re selling and at the same time, take part of its own penny auction. Also, the site has upcoming features that would definitely keep the user from wanting for more.

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