The Truth About Traffic Exchanges

The sad raw truth about traffic exchanges the number one thing you need to know about traffic exchanges is 1 per 1000 rule. unless there is serious push for a particular product or service in traffic exchanges then you best believe it’s not going to sell. A good campaign or a winner at traffic exchanges is 1 per 100. one sign up per 100 visitors if you have that ratio the product or service your promoting is a winner.
1 per 1000 is the average and yes this is the average for free programs.

I wouldn’t Even Try That

if your a affiliate and you are promoting a product or service on a traffic exchange that costs money to join you better think twice. In case you didn’t give it any thought traffic exchanges are jammed pack full of BROKE affiliates, not only are they jammed full of broke affiliates but also these Broke affiliates have SEEN IT ALL.

How to get a broke Affiliate To Buy Now

There’s only One way to get a Broke miserable affiliate to buy now and that’s called “HYPE” I used to do this in the traffic storm days. It was about 100 of us and what we use to do was all promote one program all at one time so what would happen is we would Flood the traffic exchange so every time people saw an add it would be the same add like every 4 – 5 page views like it or not this strategy forces people to pay attention. Why? because they start thinking how come one company can afford to do all of this? then they tell themselves oh this company must have some money then they look into it further. I don’t want to reveal the program but lets just say Allot of small payments add up fast.

Why Don’t Companies Do Flood the Market Anymore?

Actually they do but now they are more scattered and people are allot smarter than they were at that time don’t get me wrong it can still work but because of the way the internet built now with bloggers and such you better have a good program for it to take off.

Traffic Exchanges How I Think they will be used in the Future

The software and Information Affiliate age is slowly coming to an end. Free Information is being given away everywhere for free and software well in the future you better have so high tech necessary software if you expect to stay in business. “niches” in everything is putting an end to the “generals” meaning you won’t be able to do one size fits all in the future you are going to have specialize in one area for people to take your business seriously.

many people want to be the next big thing but are doing everything in wrong now i’m not perfect myself but one thing know is the customer is becoming allot smarter and all these scams online have left allot of scars on people. Even the websites that aren’t scams have turned many people off from the internet and this will start the next approaching phase in the internet.

Traffic Exchanges are going to be home of Landing pages i mean it’s already happening but I think it’s going to be a place to test your add campaigns I already do it. If i make a landing page targeted at making money online and it’s successful at traffic exchange i guarantee it will be successful in a PPC campaign. What I mean by successful is Email addresses you will be hard pressed to get a sale form a traffic exchange but if you can collect allot of email address then you are doing something right. like i said earlier a good ratio is 1 sign up for every 100 page views if you get that you have a winner.

The Death Of The Up Sell

I don’t know who got affiliate marketers thinking that Up Sells were a good thing but it has caused the most damage online than anything else. Think about it I sell you an Apple after you buy the apple i tell you thank but look I have a better apple but it will cost you twice as much. How would that make you feel as a customer also think about the effect that has on you long term.

Traffic Exchanges and SEO

Argue all you want about this topic Traffic Exchanges can help get you listed on major search engines a lot faster than just submitting your website repeatedly. if you run your website through an good traffic exchange like Eashits4u and you get like 10,000 hits or spread it out at about 8 hits per day i can almost guarantee you your website will find it’s way in google and Yahoo. Bing/MSN on the other hand that’s something else. The reason why traffic Exchanges can help is that they put allot of weight or importance on your website all at once so what that does is it forces your website to get listed.

There is however a draw back because once all that traffic comes out your rankings start to go down. Which is ok if your goal was only to get listed.

The Truth About Traffic Exchanges

The truth about traffic exchanges is that a traffic exchange is the worst possible traffic you can get to your website none the less if all you want is traffic then it could be a good thing. It’s the raw truth from my perspective. if you want to get good traffic to your website i recommend try Profit Lance