TurboTax Review Is It a Scam

TurboTax.com is very good and trusted online tax company with a good track record to do your taxes. Personally i don’t use them but from my research reading and hearing testimonials from actual customers. I have to conclude the TurboTax is probably one of the best online tax company.

If TurboTax Is such a good company why don’t I use them

Although there is no complaints about Turbo Tax there is one problem. Turbo Tax is expensive before signing up with Turbo Tax be sure to read on the fees associated with the product it could be updated at the time your reading this post but make sure you read that fine print it can be tricky at times.

About online software and Doing Your Taxes Online

Most of The internet tax software’s are usually built around the normal man or woman with a regular 9 – 5 job, if you have a 9 – 5 job but you also have something else on the side again I don’t recommend using the software because you might be setting your self up for trouble or future problems. Of course this will not happen if your smart and fill in the information correctly, but there have been some general complaints about online tax software. Many times it’s because the person didn’t fill out the information correctly, but at times although never proven it could have been because of the software. Nothing to be worried about i’m putting that out there just for awareness purposes.

Why Don’t I Use TurboTax Software

Because i have some basic understanding of income taxes i find TurboTax to be a bit expensive, i’m not saying the service is not worth the money i’m saying i can do my taxes with my eyes closed(not recommended) so personally i wouldn’t spend so much money on Turbo Tax. I actually just bought a condo and from a recommendation from my sister (the accountant)I am using H&R Block

Does Turbo Tax have a FREE feature

Yes and No it actually costs $19.99 and up depending on what service you choose, For the price it’s still a good deal because you will be getting an expert opinion If you have complicated tax issues you wouldn’t qualify for this service or you would probably be  recommended to higher level of service. All in all TurboTax.com is a good service especially if this is your first time using an online company to do your taxes