Turning Canada into a European WELFARE State: Canadian Leftists want to FORCE healthcare workers to be vaccinated while they Beg Justin Trudeau for a UBI – July 25, 2021,

First and foremost, to these of you, who understand why the U.S dollar is the currency of choice for most people all over the world, the reason behind this has to do with a plethora of European nations trampling on the rights of their citizens, even during a period in which the world is at relative peace.

If you also wonder why European nations struggle economically, meaning that without fiat money and central banks, most European nations would be BANKRUPT, it’s because the incentive to do labour intensive jobs in Europe for a market wage has been dismantled by Government welfare schemes, which often strip Europeans of their right work without GOVERNMENT approval.

In America, certain states have Right-to-work laws, and although not perfect, and not necessarily aligned with the point I’m attempting to make in this blog post, our society is great because people are incentivized to work hard. Once you strip people of their rights and freedoms, fewer people will work hard.

Currently in Canada, via the Liberal Government and the abundance of Welfare loving Leftists, a lot of Canada’s potential workforce who could be working don’t, why? Because even if they take pay shave, there are fewer risks for Canadian laborers to stay some and collect free government money than there is a reward for them going to work every day.

This is how things are PRE-FORCED-VACCINATION by the way.


Survey shows only 20 per cent of workers want to return to office full-time post-COVID-19 | ctvnews.ca

Socialists tend to look to Europe as their way of saying, progressive ideology/market socialism appear to be woking for Europe. This is, of course, a lie, the EU was formed because most European nations were in debt, to show you how bad the problem is, within a few years of the EU being formed Greece went bankrupt and some people in Italy are already wanting to bring back the Lira. It’s only been 22 years since the creation of the EU dollar and this has already happened?

Swedens money as an example is trash I don’t hear anyone saying they want to hoard Swedish Krona? These European welfare schemes work for one reason and one reason only, the U.S dollar. Now, to answer the question why so many European nations are struggling to stay afloat has to do with the lack of a profit motive.

When you pay people more for less, they’ll practice doing, sure the government can fake the numbers, but there was a reason why certain countries in Europe wee allowing all of those migrants in initially, the governments of those EU nations were hoping the migrants would do te jobs, the locals were unwilling to do.

Now, why are so many Europeans unwilling to do certain jobs? Well, embedded into the culture is a sense of entitlement, “the government needs to create more rules and regulations, to keep society more secure” forgotten in all of this is the reality that Health care workers as an example are people too, with emotions, feelings, health care workers are also driven by incentive.

The incentive to be a Nurse doesn’t even have to be profit-driven, maybe they just like helping people, but if you make it harder for people to help their fellow Canadians, fewer people will sign up to be Health care workers. What’s left when you get people who love helping others leaving the health care profession are the Health care professionals who are PURELY profit-driven.

As a Christian, I like to help people, but because of all the government regulations associated with volunteering for a charity, I no longer participate in all the charities I’d like to. For every regulation the government passes, they’re taking people out of the labor force.

But you see when a large enough portion of the Canadian population is dependent on the government for their survival, they’ll vote for all sorts of things, after all, it’s not like the people voting for these measures will be doing the work. In the mind of these universal health care loving Leftists, the healthcare workers are their property, as a pet, they imagine that their paid slaves should be forced to do whatever they want them to do.

As I like to remind readers, people on welfare DO NOT PAY TAXES! If you take more from the government then produce with your LABOUR you shouldn’t even qualify as a taxpayer, you’re actually a tax cheat!. Unfortunately, tax cheats are allowed to vote to enslave others, but as is the case in Europe and in America, don’t be surprised that when stupid laws are passed, fewer people opted to do these jobs.

Should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory for healthcare workers? Experts weigh in | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead