Tyrannical Government Mandates Not Going Away: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he “won’t give in” to the so-called “freedom convoy” protest in downtown Ottawa – January 31, 2022,

Trudeau for obvious reasons doesn’t want to appear weak, so he’s playing hardball and freedom convoy. When I say hardball, I mean that Trudeau and his family will be fine, you on the other hand might suffer the consequences. I have little commentary to add to this story, unlike the United States, Canadian self-employed truckers are a lot smaller than in America, I have family in Trucking myself, who are by no means Conservative(they don’t vote or care about politics) but disagree with the mandates, however, they work for a company, they don’t own their own trucks, which is why they didn’t participate in the Freedom Convoy.

Based on what they’ve told me, the Freedom Convoy represents the way 90% of the truckers feel, the problem is, of course, so what? to that I got very little feedback, they gotta pay bills, they don’t like the politics, but don’t feel like they can do anything about it. So my reading on the Freedom Convoy is that, the protests will most likely come from prices rising.

If you read posts on this blog, everything revolves around economics and financial education, consumer price inflation leads to economic deflation, meaning that Trudeau who gave away free checks in the mail may soon find himself on the wrong side of the inflation curve. If you could see what I saw, you’d be buying the inflation hedges I’m buying. Some people think a great reset or a new monetary system, will fix this, what I’m trying to explain to people is that problem is not the money, the problem is policies that are creating shortages.

Price controls won’t solve shortages problems. What solves shortages problems are people learning to live without things, meaning a lower standard of living, for a lot of people, could be on its way. a lower quality of life, may await us the longer Trudeau’s tyrannical mandates are enforced.



‘We won’t give in’ Trudeau says as trucker convoy protest continues | globalnews.ca

Interesting times ahead!