Tyranny in Canada Tends To Come From the perpetual Have-Not Province of Quebec: Quebec car dealers say vaccine passport rules will cause ‘unfair competition’ for large dealerships – January 21, 2022,

As a protestant Christian, it’s easy for me to see why Catholic Christians like having perceived authority figures, the Pope doesn’t exist when you’re a Protestant Christian. Most protestants find the idea of a Pope offensive. As a Chrisitan I turn to the King James Bible, call it unperfect if you want, I don’t need my pastor to interpret the bible for me, my mom taught me how to read and interpret words, although I appreciate my pastor’s interpretation of the bible, I have the liberty to not only ask God for forgiveness but also interpret the bible to how God enlightened me, as opposed to waiting on a pastor or priest to ask Go to forgive me for my sins. I don’t need a middle man or middle woman to speak to God or ask for forgiveness!

There are all sorts of stories in the Bible that if you read them, you’d know that the writer had to be experiencing real life because a lot of the Biblical stories play out in the modern era. a Christian doesn’t need BIG GOVERNMENT, I don’t know too many tyrannical Christians, a tyrannical Christian is not a Christian they’re a TYRANT.

Atheists have the liberty of making up their morals as they go along, sure they can claim to follow natural laws, but so what if they don’t? There’s no heaven or hell in atheists’ land, the only penalty an atheist has to worry about are the penalties on earth. So for most people who aren’t guided by the invisible moral hand, “might is right” for them, especially when they’re broke.

Most of the tyrannical politics come from Quebecers, it’s not to say that there aren’t liberty-loving Quebecers, but a lot of the “my way or the highway” politics come from politicians who were born in Quebec. Catholicism comes to mind, because, central control is not abnormal to Catholics. Thank God for the French people, I love the METRIC system as an example, the French have done a lot of great things for the world, but I don’t like tyranny and the source of tyranny tends to come from people who imagine Liberty as too risky.

When the Church of England broke away from the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. The Protestant Reformation was born, which opened the door for an alternative freer religious expression. It’s why there are so many different Protestant churches, it’s why Germanic derived economies tend to do better than Latin derived economies.

Protestants typically don’t wait on the State for all of their decision-making, which tends to equate to wealth regardless of the economic system protestants are put under. This is not only a religious phenomenon, you can also observe this with a lot of Chinese and Korean people, they’re liberated because they know how to avoid BAD debt. To show you the minimal role race plays in all of this, SOUTH Koreans tend to do better economically than Filipinos although both at one time were oppressed by the Japanese and Black Protestants tend to do better economically than the general black populations of the world.

Why is that? Will when you read the bible it becomes apparent to most people that in order to avoid the devil you must avoid being in debt to a central source of control. God is supposed to represent the creator of everything, so why should I be indebted to any human? You’re free to be a slave or indebted to someone if you want, but God has given man the knowledge to be free FORCED servitude to other human beings. So most protestants who read AND UNDERSTAND the Bible hate TYRANNY!

Have you ever met a person hopelessly in debt before? Not all but most of them, will do or say anything to get out of debt, you can’t them blame? they’re drowning and if they can pull you down so they can get out, they’ll do it. The government of Quebec is broke and they’re able to pretend they have the moral high ground because of equalization payments, this allows idiots to behave like they’re smart.

I don’t know if it’s utter stupidity, or if it’s their overt tyrannical nature, but the Quebec government is so silly, everything it does is beyond stupid, but their government has the bully pulpit, and Western Canada has the privilege of financing their stupidity, so why shouldn’t the Quebec government continue to be led by a bunch of idiots. To those of you who are huge fans of Democracy, I remind you that The Legault government according to polls would win, possibly in a landslide😂

Socialism and Democracy is a recipe for disaster, we the majority will vote to steal from those rich bastards over there, thy people I summon thee to grant me your great leader the ability to use the power of the State to make those rich people over there, kneel before me and handeth me thy earnings so I mayest redistribute the wealth of the productive to those of you more worthy of thy Governments welfare😂

So yeah, you know how things are, as long as my money isn’t affected, I’m fine right, well, now that The tyrannical Legault government is attacking their industry, the smaller car dealers are speaking up? I write about tyranny as much as I can, I speak up against tyranny daily even if I get no benefit from up, when you see tyranny you speak up against it because eventually, the tyrants will come looking for you too.

Quebec car dealers say vaccine passport rules will cause ‘unfair competition’ for large dealerships | nationalpost.com

Interesting times ahead!