The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

U.S Trucker Shortage Problem: If Justin Trudeau Starts Freezes Truckers Income and Nationalizing Their Businesses, U.S States might start Importing Truckers From Canada, Things Could Get Ugly – February 16, 2022,

I have a lot of medical professionals and Engineers in my family, many USED to live in Canada, but moved to various U.S States years ago, why? Because not only is Canada’s cost of living too high(pre-pandemic) but they could make more money in the United States(pre-pandemic). Now, unfortunately for Justin Trudeau, the election cycle in the U.S is every 2 years, and quite frankly, the Democrat-run States don’t give a damn about Canada’s progressive government, in fact, an influx of highly skilled EXPERIENCED Canadians, could be just what the doctor ordered for a lot of U.S industries.

Unfortunately for Justin Trudeau, he’s making news all across the United States, and if we’re to be honest, Joe Biden has mid-terms coming up this fall, and he’s already put tariffs on Canada and holds all the cards when it comes to trade. We’ve seen it over and over again, when the global economy struggles, the U.S dollar gets propped up, primarily because as it stands now, the U.S has the fewest tariffs in the G7, meaning that for businesses, the U.S consumer is all the rage.

Because Trudeau’s tyrannical government made the news, most American companies will know that these Canadian truckers Justin Trudeau is attempting to turn into criminals AREN’T criminals, meaning that, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some U.S States short on truckers start soliciting Canadian Truckers to come south of the border.

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Although this stupidity by Justin Trudeau who to date still has refused to meet with the Truckers Protest is making the U.S news cycle today, in a few weeks, people will forget about this, well, regular Americans will forget about this, businesses in America short on Truckers are already thinking about how they can coerce Canadian truckers to come south of the border and if Trudeau starts arresting and seizing bank accounts of Canadian truckers who merely protested his tyrannical mandates, yes it’s an inconvenience for the Truckers right now, and potentially for the future, but brighter days could be ahead for them once the smoke clears.

Furthermore, you have to look at the very real possibility that Justin Trudeau could win a future election here in Canada, meaning that Trudeau seizing bank accounts and arresting political enemies in Canada will be normalized.

Why I bring this up, is because I have family members and know of Canadians going South of the border BEFORE Justin Trudeau made himself a dictator stealing money from people who disagree with his mandates, imagine what Canada looks like if this becomes a political win for Trudeau?

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I see more consumer price inflation coming to Canada, this would have happened with or without the Truckers protests because the coming inflation has more to do with malinvestment by Justin Trudeau, I think people forget that Trudeau is running historic deficits and there is no appetite for the Bank of Canada to set interest rates at a level that battles inflation, adding fuel to the fire are FUEL prices, prices at the pump are skyrocketing, and I genuinely think this stupid move by Trudeau which allows the Federal Government to FREEZE BANK ACCOUNTS of their political opponents is going to backfire.

As I’ve stated in prior posts, the “Emergencies Act” is new in Canada and Trudeau enacted this law rather prematurely, he refused to speak with the PEACEFUL protestors, there are videos of Trudeau meeting with other protestors, and instead of meeting with protestors, Trudeau has gone as far as NATIONALIZING businesses and Freezing bank accounts, this hasn’t settled in yet, but it will once the smoke clears.

The American Left has midterms to win, and whatever they need to do, which could include LIFTING ALL MANDATES could be on the table if it’s popular with voters, what this means for Trudeau is a very lonely dictatorship and a lot of angry Canadians whose lives he’s destroyed because of not only his tyrannical mandates but because he’s now threatened to STEAL the money and property from his political opponents, while simultaneously locking them up in prisons. From an economics standpoint that has BRAIN DRAIN of Canadians skilled workforce written all over it.

Interesting times ahead!