Understanding The New Depression #LateStageSocialism: When Oil Prices Crash under Joe Biden, It Means Oil SHORTAGES are coming, No recovery until Austerity Measures – June 23, 2022,

I LOVE FIRE SALES, If you’re reading this and oil prices have hit rock bottom, what I’m doing right now is buying oil stocks that I believe will be the new TABACCO stocks. Some of us remember when the idiots in government banned tobacco, oddly enough these same Leftist idiots in recent years legalized Cannabis. If this is the first time you’re reading one of my posts, Late Stage Socialism is a term I borrowed from socialists and/or commies who used the term Late Stage Capitalism.

Socialists imagine a period in which capitalism ends, I know better, socialism REVOLVES around CAPITAL LMAO! Bartering is better than socialism, which is what tends to happen when the socialists effectively destroy CAPITAL, Late Stage Socialism occurs when the government GETS TOO BIG but… it doesn’t want to shrink. Late Stage Socialism is the period before Austerity Measures, and when I look at the charts we’re head straight for #LateStageSocialism.

As I’ve stated over and over again I expect the Gold buying opportunity of a lifetime to present itself once everyone MISINTERPRETS what’s going on. As of the date I’m writing this, people have become accustomed to ASSET price inflation, people have become so accustomed to asset price inflation, that consumer price inflation is confusing them?

Why are consumer prices going up, the people ask? The answer is simple, the government has TOO MANY regulations on the economy. This is something business people understand because we’re living through it, but if you’re on welfare or you’re an employee, you might imagine prices are going up because capitalists are greedy. Making matters worse, if you imagine prices are a function of government, meaning that you imagine government can do something about consumer price inflation, you might imagine that when Oil Prices crash, Joe Biden has control over the economy.

Unfortunately, oil prices will crash because people are running out of money and the demand for oil is going to come down DRASTICALLY because people will be traveling LESS. Making matters worse the Progressive governments of the world, have told investors that they’re going to PHASE OUT fossil fuels. Now, if you’re a small investor, this is perfect, because institutional investors have a fiduciary duty to protect the profits of their investors, meaning that even if they know what’s going on, they’re going to have to pull their investments from oil companies until some sort of government stimulus is guaranteed.

As an investor you might be presented with some ROCK bottom oil stocks, which I’ll be buying, but here’s the reality, I’m not sure how long it will take before the next oil rally comes? I can’t give you a date on when the next oil rally happens, because people are really dumb during deflationary periods and everyone is going to want an easy answer.

Late Stage Capitalism is when the Marxist imagine capitalism will be nearing its end, Late Stage Socialism is when Capitalists like myself believe A socialist’s cycle is nearing its end. At the moment I don’t hear anyone talking about austerity measures, and why this is important is because Progressive Governments are INADVERTANTLY raising the cost of doing business, which is okay when consumer price inflation is under control, but very destructive when it’s not.

Like it or not, we’re on a PETRO-DOLLAR standard, I’ve been saying it for years, I get it, it’s an uncomfortable reality for many of you, but oil and fossil fuels are EVERYWHERE, if you want to phase it out, sure no problem but you’re going to have phase-out EXISTING wage and price controls because the WEAPONIZED U.S dollar is now being used against Western nations, that inadvertently made the cost of doing business TOO HIGH!

Now, don’t think that China and other third-world nations get off scot-free, China as an example has a real estate problem, but you know what country, oddly enough is in pretty good shape economically? Russia! Why? Oddly enough because of PRIOR sanctions, which forced Russians to consume LESS! One of the good things about being on America’s bad side is that if you don’t spend or LIVE beyond your means, during an economic downturn, you likely will not notice a change in your standard of living.

If it’s one thing Marxists understand is CONTROLLING THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION. In nations like Canada and the United States, the U.K, Germany, Australia, etc. they’re heavily dependent on the STRENGTH of their currencies, are you following me here? Because if you are you’re starting to comprehend how the foreign exchange markets from developed nations are being used to prop up dictators.

When oil prices crash, it’s not only a pricing reset as some think, it’s a STRUCTURAL reset. The easiest way to fix the problem is to get rid of all the existing PRICE controls and cut regulations in Western nations, so the private sector can engage in price discovery, but the chances of that happening is 0.00001%.

So what’s expected is some sort of stimulus and a drop in interest rates. As a Canadian I expect to see NEGATIVE interest rates coming to Canada, I don’t know the rhetoric, they’ll give it some sort of name or label, and launch Quantitative Easing(QE), but… this time around stimulus is going to buy a lot less, why? Because oh yeah, I forget to tell you there is only so far down prices can go down, before the private sector says “I Quit”.

Fire sales often lead to SHORTAGES of things, and I expect there will be an OIL shortage. Which is going to force the price of oil upwards for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. The price of a cigarette is artificially high, because of government regulations, I should also remind the reader that tobacco has a lot more uses than just smoking and the government not only successfully killed the market but also created a monopoly and forced SMALLER producers to basically stop growing it.

Nobody ever heard of a Tobacco-dollar so the petrol story will be different, but make no mistake about it, we could be headed for a DEPRESSION. a modern depression similar to the last great depression doesn’t mean everyone will be broke, it simply means, you will have to be smarter with the resources you have. People got rich during the great depression, what the great depression was, it was the poor getting POORER.

Socialists progressively destroy CAPITAL, if you listen to all socialists they hate CAPITAL-ISM. They ignore that capital is merely a medium of exchange, sure government under the right circumstances can make money and do magic tricks, but in the end, they’re destroying capital, by funneling it to people who didn’t earn it.

The New Depression will be a healthy one, because, for the first time in the history of the world, people will get to observe in real-time how stupid the political class is. Sure, most will not understand what’s going on, but enough of us will and this equates to an evolving world.

Interesting times ahead!