Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Unfortunate Realities of Democracy: Canadian Government policies should encourage not stifle economic growth by Jason Clemens, Steven Globerman Reviewed – August 17, 2022,

During the reign of Pierre Trudeau, unless you read a book or understood Liberty and Freedom, it was very difficult to combat Pierre Trudeau’s TYRANNY. Although living in the present, we feel as though Justin Trudeau is the most tyrannical Prime Minister in Canadian history, I could argue that his father was far more tyrannical. There’s nothing moral about Canada’s communist health care system for example.

In actuality, the main problem Justin Trudeau has is that people aren’t as dumb as they were during the reign of his dad. During the reign of Pierre Trudeau, Canadians were still fighting like hell for LABOR unions, Canadians wanted socialism, and Canadians of that era wanted Big Government, they just wanted Big Government to serve their own needs; because of the internet, things have changed.

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Justin Trudeau hasn’t won a majority government since the 2015 election; Trudeau lost the popular vote twice, first to Andrew Scheer and then to Erin O’Toole. Trudeau lost the popular vote to Erin O’Toole, and the People’s Party of Canada still managed to get 5% of the total vote in Canada. Furthermore, the People’s Party of Canada didn’t cost the Conservative Party of Canada any riding; most of the races won by the Liberals in 2021 were won quite comfortably,

The Conservatives lost because Erin O’Toole wasn’t authentic, and nothing scares Conservative voters more than a Milquetoast Conservative, who might be more tyrannical than a Left winger-who at the very least has to give the appearance of being fair and balanced.

Democracy in Canada has decided that Justin Trudeau is not popular, however, LEFT wing ideologies still appear to be dominating Canadian politics, and it’s for this reason why Justin Trudeau is getting away with stifling economic growth. Left-wingers tend to align themselves with the DEMANDS of Democracy; it’s always been like this; it’s why we have the welfare state, to begin with.

The classical liberals were responsible for separating church from state, but it was inevitable that Liberals would eventually attempt to make the State the new church because they weren’t responsible for creating liberties and freedoms, so how could anyone expect atheistic Liberals to CONSERVE liberties and freedoms, volunteerism is a CHRISTIAN tradition, volunteering your life to Christ is a CHRISTIAN tradition.

The classical Liberals were right in separating church from State, but it takes an agnostic or atheist to be EDUCATED in order NOT to fall victim to dissolving into socialism. In fact, the same is true with Christian leaders; a lot of Christians stopped going to and supporting their churches because their pastors have become political.


But with Christians, we have the Bible to refer to, making the pastors, in many ways, OBSOLETE; what I’m getting at here is we’re in an INFORMATION WAR. People n the know vs. people who need thought leaders. Some have resigned that humanity will forever need living, breathing thought leaders, while the rest of us are focusing on teaching people HOW to think critically on issues.


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There are a lot of Conservatives attempting to point out the obvious flaws of Justin Trudeau; I’m guilty of doing it too, but the truth of the reality is that Canadians react to PRAGMATICISM. Justin Trudeau is getting too expensive, and there’s no bang for your buck with Liberals anymore. I wrote favorably about Ontario Premier Doug Ford in several posts because what I like about Doug Ford is that he doesn’t do a lot of talking.

In the United States, what keeps Republicans on edge about Donald Trump is that he TALKS TOO MUCH! Trump is a showman and what’s admirable about him is that he fights. Most Conservative Politicians are indeed more like Caspar Milquetoast; they want to be liked by they’re passive, you can walk all over them; I’m still amazed that Conservatives allowed National Socialism(Nazis) to be linked to Conservatives when Hitler talked openly about using Democrat Party strategies in Nazi Party.

Furthermore, it’s called National SOCIALISM, and the national socialist movement from an economic perspective is more Marxian than capitalistic. As we know, Jews tend to dominate in a capitalistic economy, which is why NEO Nazis who are openly socialists, often have the exact same talking points and Democratic Socialists when it comes to money, Jews, and the economy.

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Left Wingers, are experts at controlling the POLITICAL narrative, and Conservatives long ago decided not to bother pushing back; instead, we opt for playing nice, trying to argue economics that’s easy for us to understand but is ALIEN to the average Canadian voter, looking for EASY Answers. Similar to Stephen Harper, Pierre Poilievre is using a pragmatic approach to politics.

Pierre Poilievre has destroyed Justin Trudeau on the debate stage several times, but that doesn’t move the needle; what moves the needle is the ability to convey to your audience in easy-to-understand language how you plan to SOLVE their financial and economic needs. Doug Ford doesn’t talk much, he uses words that convey that he will do whatever is in his power to cut costs.

Now unfortunately for Doug Ford, he’s been stuck with the task of battling the Federal Government, which continues to raise the cost of living for all of Canada, but he doesn’t BLAME Trudeau because Trudeau, as unpopular as he is, was elected by millions of Ontarians and there’s nothing Doug Ford can do to change that.

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Telling a Left-wing government what they should do vs. explaining a better option for Canadians? I think focusing on better options; focusing on better solutions is the preferred method of changing hearts and minds. Appearing to complain doesn’t move the needle; you must detail what you would do, especially if you’re in a position to write for a popular newspaper.

Or explain to the reader why Pierre Poilievre is so popular right now because the unfortunate reality is that most Canadians do not understand the economy, nor do they want to. Most Canadian voters want EASY cut-and-paste solutions; they want to be tantalized, motivated, excited, and hopeful for a new future. Justin Trudeau’s supporters, Left-wing supporters in general, feel like they’re winning the war against fossil fuels.

But most voters don’t believe in political climate change; most Canadians KNOW climate change is a scam; the problem is that a lot of Conservatives are scared to say political climate change is a scam out loud. It’s for this reason that narrative continues to be controlled by the Leftists, who can argue that climate change is a legitimate threat and these Right-wing racists are putting profits before human life.

Now, if media people and politicians began calling political climate change a FRAUD, it’s a certainty that as prices increased, there would be LEGITIMATE pushback against the political climate change agenda, but because nobody is saying it’s a fraud, and politicians continue to dance around the issue, voters are stuck with playing this game of pretend.

Most Conservatives can see the flaws in Pierre Poilievre, but he’s pragmatic, and it’s for this reason he’s become popular. Now, with Canadian mainstream media, I don’t see any pieces writing about “How much richer Canadians would be without the Carbon Tax” and focusing on that one issue to really sell the point home, that Justin Trudeau is making you poor.

Instead, Jason Clemens, and Steven Globerman, in their article, attempt to convince their readers that the Federal government could do a few things better. Well, duh, but how about telling Canadians how much more money they’d have if there was no carbon tax, how about a more pragmatic article that focuses on Justin Trudeau spreading poverty all over Canada, something ALL Canadians can relate to?

I was noticing that Sun News was focusing on the Airport problem, yes, but MOST Canadians can’t afford to travel anyway, so unless you have a lot of money, you don’t care about the airport problem; the airport problem is actually an upper-middle-class problem, the average Canadian is NOT upper middle class, so they don’t even have to pretend to care, in fact they might like that Justin Trudeau is screwing over all of those “rich people”.

How dare those rich people to fly and go on vacation while the rest of us are stuck here? Yes, what I’m getting at here is that a lot of Canada’s mainstream media is OUT OF TOUCH. You don’t have to be doom and gloom, but you must provide SOLUTIONS to people’s problems; you must allow your reader to IMAGINE a better tomorrow WITHOUT the far-left politician standing in the way of progress!

OPINION: Government policies should encourage — not stifle — economic growth |

Interesting times ahead!