Unifor President Jerry Dias Arrested Possibly To Avoid Regina Winter, Amid Union Protest Against Regina Oil Refinery – January 22, 2019,

They don’t make Union Presidents like the used too, Jerry Dias knew what he was doing when he made the decision to get arrested. I know the protectionist, unionist types like this silliness, but anyone with common sense will tell you, Jerry Dias, who was born in Toronto and I believe was raised in Ontario, wants no parts of that bitter Saskatchewan winter.

I don’t blame him for taking the easy out, he’s going to get paid anyway, even though Unifor is responsible for shrinking the workforce of many a good private company in Canada, the business of Unifor carries on. Common on, look at the video below and be honest with yourself, see the situation for what it is, not what you’d emotionally want it to be. Jerry knows or is supposed to know the law, he kills 2 birds with one stone by getting arrested, firstly he doesn’t have to stand in the cold anymore, he has a permanent excuse as to why he’ll have more flexibility as it relates to protesting with the people he represents, secondly he gets a little bit of free publicity.

The era of entitlements is slowly withering away, luckily the public school teachers are still able to brainwash millions of children into believing that the rich and not that job protectionists are the root cause of poverty in society. Furthermore, as more and more people are able to access information, more and more people are becoming disenchanted with labour unions. It felt good to society as a whole in particular moments in history, but it looks silly now, the Unionists already won the battle, especially in Canada where about 35% of the economy is protected from foreign competition, add to this wage and price controls are stamped all over the Canadian economy in a variety of sectors.

An estimated 35 per cent of Canada’s economy is protected from foreign competition, via rules, government intervention and varying interprovincial requirements, according to a new study by Fraser Institute, a Vancouver-based think tank.Protected industries: Why more than a third of the Canadian economy is walled from competition | financialpost.com

Now, I don’t know how this whole Co-op vs. Labour Union battle will end, but, yeah, the purpose of a co-op kind of revolved around the workers and I’ like to remind people about Unifor’s tweet to make sure Conservative Politician Andrew Scheer who hd a better stance on Oil and Gas would never get elected. Remember this…

Unifor’s National Executive Board started planning for the federal election today

The resistance
Welcome to Andrew Scheer’s worst nightmare

So, if the Union that represents you wants to make sure that the politician that will help your industry to grow doesn’t get elected, why would you think that Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) would not have to be fiscally responsible with their future economic outlook? There’s a political war on Oil and Gas and Unifor already chose what side of the political aisle they’re aligning with. I don’t know Canada, sometimes I just wonder about things!

Unifor President Jerry Dias Arrested Amid Union Protest Against Regina Oil Refinery | HuffingtonPost.ca

Update… January 23, 2020,

Consider reading this post, just I suspected… Reconsider this communist union culture destroying Canadian jobs, culture, and standard of living!

Unifor and CRC call for a return to the bargaining table — with strings attached | leaderpost.com

Interesting times ahead!