Union leader Jerry Dias embodies Ontarios FAILED Union culture: De Havilland workers rally at Toronto plant – August 24, 2021,

The most racist words I’ve ever heard came from a Union Boss they said, “If you can’t afford the Union wage, you don’t deserve to be in business?” did I say racists, I meant dumb! Unions are dumb, I mean really dumb, especially when there’s an option to quit.

If I own a business and I can’t afford you, you’re FIRED! But oh yeah, I can’t fire you because I’m in Ontario and there are regulations that prevent me from firing people who want to destroy my business. These parasites also demand I pay them an above-market wage regardless if my business is profitable?

Canada has some of the BEST entrepreneurs in the world, it’s a shame more Canadians prefer to listen to INFLUENTIAL idiots like Jerry Dias. So in the private sector, when you’re an entrepreneur it’s very lonely because nobody gives a shit about you, you hold onto whatever close relationships you have and enjoy the spoils of your hard work, because, well, you’re the devil when a person like Jerry Dias finds a way to extort you.

In a nutshell, De Havilland is moving to Alberta, and there’s a risk to moving to Alberta also, but being that I’m an Ontarian I know Ontarios destructive union culture, I’ve seen it up close, I personally think GM although not perfect should have been to this day one of the best companies in North America, why isn’t it? Because of people like Jerry Dias and the people who finance him to be an idiot.

I actually don’t blame Jerry Dias, there are thousands of Ontarians financing this clown and he’s doing what he is paid to do, which is to destroy Canada’s manufacturing sector, I read all the time the Japanese make such wonderful cars, well it’s because Japanese auto manufacturers don’t have Jerry Dias to deal with. We in Canada actually make the best cars, but for whatever reason, we like socialism? So stupid shit happens here.


Toyota is still doing very well in Ontario, GM, not so much, Ontarians are too stupid to understand why a GM is so horribly run, we don’t imagine Jerry Dias to be the problem. No, Jerry Dias is not the problem, the problem is those evil people at De Havilland who employed me for years and didn’t pay me enough?

If you don’t like how you’re being treated why don’t you quit?Huh? Quit? Why would I quit when I have Jerry Dias? Plus, where else am I going to find a job like this? I’m not a quitter, I’m a fighter, I’m fighting for the rights of Ontarians to extort their employer, these evil employers need to be stopped and taught a lesson. All we entitled employees want is more job security higher wages and better pensions, is that too much to ask? 

Anyway, if people ever wonder why manufacturing businesses are leaving Ontario, listen to Jerry Dias speak!

De Havilland workers rally at Toronto plant | yahoo.com

Interesting times ahead!