Unions and Socialism how Argentina went from Wealth to Poverty: Argentines battle rising poverty and hunger, with or without debt deal – August 5, 2020,

There’s an English speaking movie called Starship Troopers which was released in 1997, the main English speaking characters in the film were based in Argentina. Now, in the original novel titled Starship Soldier, the concept from my personal standpoint appeared to revolve around granting only a select few in society the right to vote for a President in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, because after all if it’s one thing we can all learn from Argentina is the failure of Democratic Socialism

Argentina is a beautiful country and it’s a reminder that countries can still function under democratic socialist regimes, the problem, however, is democratic socialism causes the poor to get poorer and the rich richer and often the poor will inadvertently via the democratic process repeatedly vote for their own economic destruction, because economic IQ which is also a form of financial education is something that is often not taught correctly in schools.

The reason why the 1997 Starship Troopers, in my opinion, is based in Argentina, is that in Argentina the different branches of socialists use their Unions and their political groups to lobby the government for non-free-market-based economic privileges. Socialism up close is dog-eat-dog and let’s not forget that National Socialism is more commonly known as Nazism.

Most teachers and educators on the political Left don’t want children knowing that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R) and the Nazi Party which was an abbreviated form of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party were both the same LEFTIST ideologies with different implementations.

As I’m writing this now, the Chinese Communist Party almost mirrors fascism? why are communism and fascism so similar? Because they’re both defuncted forms of Marxism. Marxism at its apex after late-stage Capitalism is a non-free-market approach to economics. The socialists want a big government to dictate the economic activity of a country and when a big government attempts to be ruler over the free markets, you end up with the Argentina dilemma.

Argentina is only poor because of how the people have been taught to view politics, as an example way back in 2012, Argentina nationalized a big oil company called YPF. Once this non-market-based approach was introduced economic problems persisted, because similar to Venezuela, government oil is a non-market-based expensive and inefficient oil, which is dependent on social justice to make sure that money derived from the oil goes to the politically connected people.

Argentina’s Congress passes nationalization of oil company YPF – 2012 | eitb.eus

Now, when some people imagine politically connected people, they imagine some rich globalists, but no, that’s not how democratic socialism or socialism in general works, in a democracy, the politically connected could be your labor union, it could be a poor farmer, a day laborer who wants their government to enact social justice. Governments can’t create wealth they can only redistribute it, and what you have to remember about government redistribution of wealth is that some humans save and invest wisely while others don’t save and spend recklessly.

The people and legal business entities who don’t save and spend recklessly in a free market are punished by the free market, but in a socialist country, bad behavior is rewarded by the Government decision-makers. Now, nationalization of anything is a sign to the market that a country doesn’t respect property rights when a country nationalize industry as Canada has learned it causes investment to flee the country because if a person or a private company cares about their money, they don’t want to be fearful that a government might steal their company and compensate them with a non-market based financial number that the Democratic socialists in the country deem is fair!

Nationalization often leads to currency debasement, now lucky, for some countries, the market has a short memory, but the problem with Argentina and many Latin American countries is that almost all of their political parties are socialist, so from an investors point of view, austerity measures are out of the question and only the really sophisticated connected investors will dare to invest in countries like Argentina.

Money aside a lack of financial opportunity from pursuers of profits equates to any country suffering from liquidity problems. Liquidity in the sense that when I invest in Argentina, it’s unlikely that I will see a profit.

Argentinas No-Refund Policy for Investors

I will sometimes invest or buy something at the retail level because I know at the very least my money will be refunded, well think of the Argentinian economy as having a non-refund policy, imagine going into a story buying something you like finding out it’s spoiled or ruined before you’re able to use or consume it, returning to the store to get a refund and the government telling you ‘sorry no refunds’, and if you continue harassing us for a refund we will imprison you or write negative stories about you in our mainstream media

Would you want to shop at that government store again? Or if you did, wouldn’t you be extra cautious prior to spending your money the second time?

Socialism hasn’t been kind to Argentina, but the thing to remember about Socialism is that it’s addictive, it’s like a gambling habit, the socialist people will convince themselves that if only they find the right type of socialism, their socialist theft redistribution scheme will work. Anything but capitalism the socialists will convince themselves, capitalism is the reason we’re in poverty the socialists will tell themselves.

It’s those capitalists, causing all of our poverty the socialist yell and scream, what the socialists are ignorant of is their own greed, socialists don’t imagine themselves to be greedy, socialists don’t see using the power of the government to redistribute money and resources to people who often are already on welfare, wasteful and don’t save for a rainy day as immoral.

Power to all the people the socialists yell and scream. Power to all the people even if most of the people are economically wasteful, intentionally inefficient with the wealth they receive, greedy and jealous of the other people who with the very same money and resources, find a way via hard work, savings and dedication find better uses for the limited resources/wealth they’ve been blessed with.

A reminder that Argentinas poverty-related problems are the result of their choice of socialist governance and nothing else. Union bosses are very influential in Argentina and Argentina has a very, very big government! Have you ever had to get a government drivers license before? Well imagine if you needed a government license to open the simplest of businesses, or if you needed a government license to do the simplest of tasks, how productive do you think the people would be?

Unions raise the barrier to entry for every industry and also consume resources at a ridiculous rate, now imagine labour unions being influential in government policy and decision making? Imagine an Argentinian union was challenged economically by a more efficient private company? Do you not think that the efficient private company would be Nationalized the Argentinian government for daring to be profitable?

Poverty and war in the modern era is the direct result of socialism, the only thing people have to worry about in a free market economy is the environment and the greed of the people who although their standard of living has gotten better, will allow their envy for people who have accumulated more than they have to pursue theft. Poverty is caused mainly by theft/redistribution of money and resources is a huge part of socialism!

Regarding the story below, there are a lot of trade barriers/tariffs that exist in Argentina, which has resulted in fewer imported goods going into Argentina! In Canada as an example, if a Canadian dares to purchase their food in the United States and dares to bring that food back to Canada, those Canadians will be forced to pay the Canadian government a tariff/tax at the border. This is why food prices are so high and why some vendors/sellers won’t bother to import goods to Canada or Argentina, fewer food choices, equal scarcity, and higher prices for consumers, that’s how socialism works.

In a free-market capitalist economy, no such government mandate to punish consumers to I assume save consumers from themselves?! exists. This fact obviously goes unrecognized in the article below. The main reason Argenttan is broke is because of the government, the word has no gold standard, money speculators can’t be blamed for Argentinas economic nightmare. I am a capitalist and I’d never invested in Argentina. Their socialist government did this, but again the article below would rather keep the reader in the dark!

Argentines battle rising poverty and hunger, with or without debt deal | thechronicleherald.ca

Interesting times ahead!