Unique Web Traffic

When you are in search of traffic for your website you don’t just want Unique Web traffic you also want Unique Target website traffic from real visitors who are not being paid or who don’t have an incentive to look at your website. In my opinion Unique Website Traffic is too much of a broad term to use. Because Unique online could mean anything. On the web they have these things called traffic exchanges in which thousands of users go to one website and exchange traffic.

I find traffic exchange traffic to be useless traffic but none the less it should be considered unique web traffic because new people sign up everyday and if the traffic exchange isnt scamming it’s members everyone should be receiving unique web traffic. So instead of just saying Unique Web traffic or Unique website traffic i think it’s better to say Unique TARGETED Website traffic.

Unique Targeted Website Traffic

Now first and foremost i want to say there are plenty of sources to get fast unique targeted website traffic but in this post i am going to focus on unique targeted traffic that doesn’t cost lots of time and lots of money. I am a person i like to set and forget. So in todays posts I will focus on this type f traffic.

Have you ever been a victim of pop up or pop under advertising. I have. Have you ever signed up for something because of a pop up advertisement?. I have so this is the reason why I started using a service called grow stats. Now first i want to make it clear that the one key ingredient to running a successful pop up or pop under campaign is have a website that stands out or a attention grabbing website. Because remember you are the pop under or pop up site meaning you have to catch the users attention immediately.

Capitalizing on your Target Unique Web Traffic

It’s really not any different than any other form of advertising the only difference is that for some people pop up or pop under ads or annoying so my advice is make sure it’s eye catching the your visitor is not so annoyed I am telling you from experience. Also i recommend having an autoresponder. At the bottom of this page i have an example of a website that i use for pop under advertising just so you have an idea of what i mean.

There are other traffic sources similar to this one but I don’t use the others anymore because they refuse to disclose to me where they get their traffic from. As I mentioned earlier regarding traffic exchanges there is truck load of useless traffic sources out there and knowing what i know i refuse to recommend useless traffic to my online friends. If you sign up for growstats.com please say you were recommended by Steven Porter because i don’t just recommend them i also USE them

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Also in case you were wondering what website i use them for please visit

www.moneyonlinefromhome.net so you can get an idea of what i mean i do practice what i preach. Please also leave comments below or contact me if you require any help or any advice.