UnitedOnlineBusiness.com Review – Is it a scam?

United Online Business of UnitedOnlineBusiness.com is another company offering a business opportunity using the MLM or Multi-Level Marketing business model. It is being promoted by John Rydell and claims to be an independent business selling Herbalife products. If you’re not familiar with Herbalife, it’s a company that sells health and wellness products.

More about United Online Business

There are several things about United Online Business that you must be watchful of. One is their non-clickable links which you can find on their homepage. Social media links are meant to provide you with more information about the company and what their members are saying about them. However, with these non-clickable social media links, there’s no way for you to verify their legitimacy unless you do more research about their company.

Its website is filled with features of this business opportunity but they failed to mentioned how you would go about it. And when you sign up and provide them with your credit card details, you will be charged $100 for set up fee and $89.95 per month for membership. Furthermore, they don’t really have a ‘coach’ to walk you through the program. You will only be dealing with their sales rep.

Final thoughts on UnitedOnlineBusiness.com

There are several legit companies working around the MLM business model and United Online Business is clearly not one of them. With its non-clickable social media links and non-full disclosure of the program, it looks like UnitedOnlineBusiness.com is a scam.

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