a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

“Unjustified and Unnecessary”, Premier Kenney Addresses Use Of Emergencies Act In Legislative Assembly – February 23, 2022,

I comprehend that for a very small number of people, they have a hard time comprehending what Justin Trudeau did when he invoked the Emergency Act, but it’s an embarrassment in Canadian history, he’s lost all credibility on the global stage and well, he’s also undermined faith in Canadian banking. Now, for people like me, I’ve been writing about banks and financial institutions freezing bank accounts for years, Paypal (Elon Musk) froze a whole bunch of accounts of people I did business with, these people were not criminals, all were tax-paying law-abiding people, so excuse me if I’m not a big Elon Musk fan, but Trudeau made confiscating bank accounts mainstream and this changes everything, moving forward, every Canadian with a half a brain will know when push comes to shove do NOT to trust Canadian banks.

I’ve talked to quite a few Canadian politicians, sd to say most are dumb as a box of rocks, as an example I remember a CONSERVATIVE MP came to my door, trying to convince me that RENTAL CONTROLS we’re a good thing? Now, if a Conservative Politician is talking about price controls being a good thing, Imagine how clueless, Leftwing politicians are regarding blue collar workers’ relationship with money? Small businesses and Blue-collar workers are responsible for our quality of life, who cares if you like them, you’d better learn to understand their point of view. Waking up every morning doing a job you might not like? Not an easy existence and then having some rich spoiled brat who is a politician freezing your bank account because the Prime minister was too scared to dialogue and was embarrassed to find out that Tow Truck Drivers weren’t his property?

I prefer to humanize people because there are a lot of atheists in Canada. I find most atheists imagine politicians as GODS, as a Christian I don’t have that problem I look at humans as humans, we’re all flawed, and because money is my focus when I write on this blog, I have to point out that Chrystia Freeland is clearly financially illiterate, and this probably stems from her needing daddy to help her qualify for a mortgage in her forties.

“Ms. Freeland, you say you’re an advocate for the middle class. I’d like you to explain how you could possibly relate to the middle class when you recently purchased a $1.3-million dollar home in Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhood.”

Freeland began her defence by reiterating — “as was reported” — that if it weren’t for her father’s financial support, a mortgage wouldn’t have been possible.

After all, she added, the family farm is standing as collateral.

Chrystia Freeland defends $1.3-million home purchase | ipolitics.ca

First and foremost isn’t it nice to have a family farm? secondly, she as well as Justin Trudeau are second-generation politicians, Trudeau is known as a TRUST FUND baby, most Canadians are unaware that Trust Funds are used to avoid paying certain taxes. I bring this up to humanize both Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau as entitled spoiled brats who are now adults.

Once you see them for who they are, you’ll comprehend their sociopathic behavior. I don’t even think Chrystia Freeland comprehends what she did by freezing bank accounts. In her mind I assume she imagines most Canadians as mindless zombies, the reality is she has PERMANENTLY altered the behaviors of a large chunk of Canadians. Humans aren’t stupid, and once the government breaks that trust, freezing bank accounts without a court order and the Canadian banks just go along with it, it’s OVER!

This is what Jason Kenney is trying to repair. Now, don’t get things wrong, a run on the bank isn’t the concern, the concern moving forward is a change in behavior, which will lead to more totalitarian controls, which ultimately equates to a CONTRACTING economy. Authoritarians seize bank accounts, this is why as an example Chinese people save so much PHYSICAL cash, and why the Russian economy is so small.

Vladimir Putin is regarded as the richest man in the world because on National television Putin stole money from one of the richest men in Russia Mikhail Khodorkovsky. It’s common amongst Asian cultures not to save money in banks.

Now allow me to explain this in proper detail, this doesn’t mean that Chinese people don’t have money in Chinese banks, it’s just that they don’t trust it, it’s monopoly money to them, Americans also don’t trust their banks, most countries in the world do not trust their banks. Canadians typically trust their banks, but that will be put to the test moving forward, especially if Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau aren’t criminally charged for what they’ve done.

When you understand what Chrystia Freeland did, you’ll understand why Jason Kenney and many other knowledgeable politicians in Canada are so concerned, we’re in the eye of the storm right now, people are nervous, but then things settle down, and people start talking about what Chrystia Freeland did. Can the Liberals bought and paid-for media spin this story? Sure they can, but what’s done can’t be undone, it’s now a part of Canadian history and Jason Kenney recognizing what’s at stake for the Canadian economy moving forward is trying to get ahead of this story, because like it or not what Chrystia Freeland did requires a proper narrative, to make Canadians feel secure that what Chrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau did will NEVER happen again.

“Unjustified and Unnecessary”, Premier Kenney Addresses Use Of Emergencies Act In Legislative a…
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Interesting times ahead!