The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Angry Bolton Ontario Protestors Show up to show their displeasure for Canada’s Arrogant Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – August 27, 2021,

If you grew up in Canada, one of the things you learn about Canadians is that we hate ARROGANCE, it’s what really separates us from Americans. In life you win some and lose some, but when you’re on top and you shove it down our throats, as Canadians we remember.

Now being that there are mail-in ballots, and based on what happened in the United States 2020 election and being that Dominion voting and George Soros had offices in Toronto Canada, voter fraud wouldn’t surprise me in the 2021 election. That aside I don’t see how Trudeau gets a majority government?

My family is filled with Leftists, and they don’t like Trudeau, don’t get me wrong, they might vote for him anyway, but they don’t like him, the only people who like Trudeau are the people on Welfare. Erin O’Toole, as well as the Conservative Party of Canada, are trying to present themselves as the Liberal alternative, meaning all the Liberal stuff with a different face.

I also like to remind the reader that Justin Trudeau is the last powerhouse the Liberals have. After Trudeau is gone, the Liberals could be out of power for decades. Anyway I know my province and we’re pissed off, minus the elites in Toronto, if you work for a living you have to know the damage Justin Trudeau is doing to our country, he’s not only running massive deficits he’s a horrible role model.

This 2021 election was pure arrogance by Justin Trudeau’ I remind Canadians that Trudeau lost the popular vote to Andrew Scheer n 2019, making matters worse for Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh ran a horrible campaign in 2019. Furthermore, what does Quebec have to gain by voting for Justin Trudeau? Open Borders? a loss of sovereignty, the West Hates the Liberals.

I personally consider people dependent on the government to be elitists and most of the rich and powerful in Canada support the Liberal Party, The Liberal Party created Canadian corporatism and I hope Canadians send Trudeau a very clear message in 2021.

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