UpBids.com Review Is it a Scam

At the time i am writing this UpBids.com is in its early stages. Upbids.com is a Penny Auction website and I advise who ever is reading this to make sure he or she reads the terms and conditions before signing up for Upbids.com or any penny auction website for that matter. There are now over 100 penny auction websites only and with websites like “phppennyauction.com” where you can start your own penny auction website its no wonder why. At Upbids.com people can bid and if they don’t win they can use the Upbids.com buy it now feature.

How Penny Auctions Work From a Different Perspective

Penny Auction websites use non refundable credits which means the moment you bid on something your money is gone. Penny Auctions do have obvious benefits being that if you win you can get your desired item for a lot less than you would at a retail store. That being said Penny Auctions also have disadvantages like you can spend money at the auction and leave with nothing. To combat this issue some penny auctions have added a buy it now feature. On the topic of the buy it now feature make sure you read the terms and conditions first because i found something quite interesting about Upbids.com buy it now feature. the upbids.com terms of service can be found at the bottom of their website or by going to “http://www.upbids.com/terms.php” a brief excert is below

UPBIDS.com has a ONE YEAR return of all winning AUCTION items, with no questions asked. Upon the winning bidder return any item WON at an auction, UPBIDS.com will be refund the full price paid by the winning at the auction. “Buy Now” customers are exempt from this offer

My personal thoughts on UpBids.com is it a Scam

My advice when it comes to penny auction websites is stay away do i think Upbids.com is a scam? No i don’t but i personally don’t think Penny Auctions give the consumer a fair deal. I think penny auctions are similar to casino’s in that the house in this case Upbids.com has all the power while the consumer risks wasting both money and time for a chance to win something. In any auction there will be allot more winners than losers which is fine but at a penny auction websites credits spent is actually money spent and the buy it now feature does not come with the same benefits as bidding

mainly because the house(upbids.com) in my opinion makes allot more money from bid wars than it does from people using the “buy now” feature. Penny Auctions from my perspective makes perfect sense when you’re the owner but makes little sense when you’re the consumer. I do however think online penny auctions was a genius idea worthy of debate but in the end i feel as though the consumer gets screwed. On that note don’t let my opinion stop you from joining Upbids.com just don’t say i didn’t warn you.

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