UrbanLoad.com Review

Urban Load of UrbanLoad.com is one of the growing list of drop shipping companies. Like other companies in the drop shipping industry, it offers more than 1 type of membership plan. It has 2: the Drop Ship and VIP Domain Membership Plans.

The Drop Ship membership (starts at $19.95 per month) grants you access to all the product offers of the company. Through this membership plan, you can promote and sell products from Urban Load that are packed and shipped directly to your customer. The VIP Domain membership (starts at $9.95 per month), on the other hand, is for people who wanted to get into retail business seriously. This membership plan comes with a website pre-loaded with items from the Urban Load.

More about UrbanLoad.com

Urban Load is not your usual drop shipping company. Instead of featuring items from known or top brands, it offers subscribers with items that they can customize and sell. They have customizable photo bags and cases, cards and stationery, clothing and accessories, home and office products, and a whole lot more. These items are grouped into 9 main categories.

Every product is being represented by a thumbnail image, which when clicked, provides users with more product details. You will not be charged with shipping fee as the amount is already incorporated on the item’s wholesale price. Shipping of items is usually between 8-12 business days though you can pay extra to have them shipped via FedEx within 4-6 business days.

Final thoughts on UrbanLoad.com

UrbanLoad.com is not among the biggest drop shipping companies. In fact, when compared to other drop shipping companies, it will appear to have limited product choices. However, what makes Urban Load different is the type of items it has. It has products that you can customize – from plain shirts to stationery. What’s more, it provides 30 days of free trial so you can check out what it offers before you can actually pay for its services.

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